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Slick tricks to make women touch you


Make Women Touch You While learning about how to deal with women, you’ve probably read a lot of stuff about touching. However, most of it deals with how you should be touching them. I’m going to take it a step further and show you two clever tricks that can make women touch you! Don’t get me wrong, I touch girls all of the time and it is very effective at creating attraction...

Using push & pull to attract women


Challenge Girls With Push & Pull I’m going to refer to the movie “Twilight” in this article, because it’s a great example of how to use Push & Pull to attract women. The Player is one of the first guys who come to mind whenever I think of push game. He’s a great pusher. Constantly playing-with, and challenging the girl to prove herself to him. Girls WANT a...

Approach a girl and get her number


How to approach a girl easy I’ll be going over a bunch of very useful things in this article, with the focus being on how to approach a girl properly and then get her number. Everything we will discuss here will be the basics; the stuff your foundation of game is built upon. Walking up to a girl, having a good conversation and then walking away with her telephone number isn’t really...

How to flirt with girls : Top 2 secrets


Learn how to flirt with girls Consider yourself lucky, because I’m somewhat of a master of this stuff, and you’re about to discover some of my best flirting secrets. If you’re ready to learn how to flirt with girls like a champ, then keep reading. Personally, I believe flirting is the one of most powerful aspects of your game, especially if you know how to use it to your...

5 secret ways to pick up girls at clubs


How to pick up girls at clubs Get your hair cut, put on your best outfit, go out, pick up girls at clubs and take one of them home for some good sex. It sounds pretty simple on paper, right? However – as most men already know – it can be much more difficult than that in real life. So much so that tons of guys go out on a regular basis and consistently strike out with women, regardless...

How to touch a girl while flirting


How to touch a girl & get laid Unless you’re an absolute boss like I am, then probably have no idea how to touch a girl properly. So it’s only natural for you read the title of this article and think something dumb like: “How the fuck is just touching a girl going to get me laid?” Since you’re probably not anything like me, I’m going to do you a favor and...

The best way to playfully tease girls


How to playfully tease girls There seems to be quite a bit of confusion among men who are improving their game when it comes to teasing women. Most guys don’t know how to properly tease at all, let alone the best way to playfully tease girls successfully. That is what you are about to learn. So what exactly is teasing? The most rudimentary way to explain teasing is that it’s simply a...

How to make eye contact with a girl


Make eye contact with a girl The eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul. So, it comes as no surprise that when you make eye contact with a girl there’s a feeling of some sort of connection being made. Just as you can feel it, she does too. For you, his can be a powerful boon or a devastating hindrance depending on whether you use it or not. That feeling – that connection –...

How to approach women at a club


Approach women at a club It’s true that you can easily approach women at a club and get laid, but that doesn’t mean that clubs are the best places to meet girls. Many guys have gotten the wrong idea about clubs and consider them to be the pinnacle in terms of gaming venues. This is false idea promoted by the fact that clubs are good for meeting easy women. Clubs actually rank very...

How to get girls at parties and clubs


Get girls at parties and clubs So guys its Friday night and you’re ready to go get girls at parties and clubs. You get two different calls from your friends. One call is telling you that a friend is having a huge open house party with a keg. The second call promises a night of dancing, hot babes and an upscale good time. It’s too bad you can’t do both, so which one do you choose...

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