First date splurging – very bad idea

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Don’t Splurge On First Dates

Never bring a woman to a really expensive restaurant for any of the first few dates.

You may think that you are impressing her, but all you are really doing is adding to the tension of the situation.

You will also be raising her expectations and from then on she will expect you to ALWAYS take her to classy places.

Unless you can afford to have a high maintenance woman, I suggest you take her on “normal” fun dates rather than on expensive boring ones.

Be creative when choosing where to take your date, and it is important to remember that dates that include interactive activities that will require a lot of touching are ideal choices.

Here’s a cool trick: when on a date with a girl, earn points and save yourself some money by avoiding dinner.

The trick is to stop and pump gas immediately after you pick her up.

When you go inside and pay, buy her a chocolate bar and surprise her with it.

A female will almost always like chocolate so you score points for that, but the main reason you do this is so that her stomach gets full and she will not want dinner that night.

I find that snickers, Twix and M&M’s are great hunger killers.

Try it and you’ll be amazed at the amount of money you will save yourself.

Another good side to this trick is that chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac, so you may even get laid for “being cheap”.


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