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Killer first date ideas to impress her


First date ideas to impress her

If you are going to be dating a lot of girls, then going on a lot of “traditional” dates may hurt your wallet. You need some unique first date ideas to impress her, and luckily the absolute best dates tend be cost little, if nothing at all.

There is a difference between being cheap and being smart. I do NOT spend a lot of money on girls.

Many men will go out with a girl, buy her a lot of drinks, running up their credit cards trying to buy her affection.

They seem to think that by spending a lot of money on a girl that they’re on a date with will somehow make the date “better”.

The truth of the reality is, it does the exact opposite.

More often then not, it puts unnecessary pressure on both parties and will more likely lead you to failure than to the amount of success (and fun) that you could be having.

Instead of doing conventional dates, try being creative and doing something new.

If it is a first date this is especially a good idea.


Taking her to a state park or somewhere of interest will result in a FAR better and memorable experience than going to dinner and a movie.

She’ll be surprised and impressed.

Think of a place that she’s probably never has been to; something she most likely has never done or at least hasn’t done in a long while.

This will set you apart from all of the other guys because you are unique, different, creative and that is the excitement she was looking for to snap her out of her own routine lifestyle.

You’ll seem like the man she’s always wanted.

A park is a great place to start. There are many things to do in a local park. Beautiful places to take her hiking and sights to see.

Depending on your location, you can take her to caves, rock climbing or just a great place to go and hang out.

Not to mention it’s free! That’s our little secret.


Meeting up somewhere scenic and just going on a walk is another one of the great first date ideas to impress her.

It’s not the activity that you are doing, it’s what you make of it. It lets you spit your game and interact with her.

What is much more important than where you take her is what you do concept.

I have met up with girls and just walked around in a department store, then made out with them in a back isle somewhere.

Again, it’s all what you make of things.

Life is, what you make of it.


Bike rides are another incredibly simple idea. It’s not something you do everyday now that you’re an adult, plus they are a lot of fun.

The main idea is to do things out of the norm so it creates memories. Those memories will create a bond. A

Anytime that you do anything with someone, that creates a surplus in emotions, an emotional connection is made. Often referred to as Emotional Overflow Connection.

Your goal should be that after you’ve taken her on 5-10 dates, there should be 5-10 special places where she simply can never go to again without thinking about YOU.

Take her on memorable and unique dates that will make her tell her friends how impressive you are.

Make her friends jealous.

Girls love to brag to their friends to raise their own value within their social circle.


Speaking of being social, one of the killer first date ideas to impress her is to take her dancing.

Girl’s just unanimously love to go dancing, so take her out to the club. This is not only great because she’ll have a blast, but it also guarantees that you’ll be having plenty of physical contact with her over the course of the night.

Note: If you go on a date anywhere alcohol is serves, do NOT get wasted. Take it easy so you don’t end up making a fool out of yourself.


You can take her swimming.

This is great for many reasons; you get to see her in a bikini, which gives you a very good idea for what they’d look like naked with you.

I prefer and would recommend taking them somewhere that is less public. More secluded, so it is just the two of you going swimming.

This might not be possible for all of you reading this if you live in the city.

For those that live in the rural areas and the countryside, you know where to go.

Be creative if you can, but going to the normal beach will also do just fine.

The point is that it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s what you do with where you are. How the two of you interact and how you flirt.

Like I said, it creates a bond and a memory.

The ideas that where listed above are great because it gives you a chance to talk to her, tease her, touch her and so on.

The possibilities are endless.

The important thing is to take her and do things with her that you like to do. The good first date ideas to impress her don’t necessarily always need to be thing that you do not personally enjoy.

It’s a great way to see if you can spend time with her, if you where interested in her for a relationship later on.

As an added tip, I recommend that you make a list of all the great things you can do in your local area.

If you can’t think of anything to do, go look at the list for things you’ve done in the past, or things that you would like to do.

Use Google if you need to.

Pick one, and you’re on your way!

Use these first date ideas to impress her and you will never run out of fun and creative things to do.

Every day will be a new adventure.

Plus you’ll be far ahead of any dude who thinks taking a girl to a dinner and movie is the way to go.

Want to know exactly what to say and do to make sure you get laid at the end of your dates?

If so, then read The New Breed. You’ll learn all of that and so much more.

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