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You can find single girls everywhere


Single Girls Are Everywhere Always be on the lookout for girls wherever you are, some of the most unusual places may just turn out to be the best in terms of places where you can find single girls. Bars, clubs and parties will always guarantee that you will pick up a girl if you have enough game and try hard enough, but sometimes places like supermarkets, laundromats, parks and beaches can prove...

Always save your best game for last


Use Your Best Game Last Seduction is all about escalation. If you hit a girl with your most potent game right away during your opening approach, you will doom yourself to eventually peak and then fall off within a short time frame. This happens because you did not leave yourself any “headroom” for escalation, and thus will have nothing “new” to woo her with when it is time...

Making it seem like you are busy


Always Appear To Be Busy When asked “What are you doing?” never reply with “Nothing”, always appear to be busy even if you are not. This will make you seem to be much more interesting. You want any woman that you are dating to think of you as a man who has many aspects of his life and many things to do at all times. If you give off the vibe that you are the type of person...

Do not brag about yourself to girls


Don’t Brag About Yourself I’ve noticed that many men like to brag about themselves in an attempt to impress girls, they think that if they tell a girl about what they own or what they have done it will increase their chances of picking her up. This kind of strategy is probably the worst way to seduce girls in my opinion. From my personal experiences in life, I’ve found that the...

Walking with confident swagger


Walking With Swagger Develop a slightly arrogant, upright walk. Your walk greatly reflects how confident you are, and you should know by now that women love confidence. Plus always remember to keep your chest out and shoulders back, this will make you appear to be wider and stronger than you actually are. You want to give the impression that you are a man who is accustomed to getting women all...

Free Seduction Guide

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