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Easy dancing trick to impress women


Dance To Impress The Girls

When you are at a party, bar, nightclub or anywhere else where people are dancing, look around for the worst looking girl you can find and ask her for a dance.

More often than not, she will say yes if she is really not that great looking because I doubt many guys ask her to dance.

Occasionally they will say no, usually because they are too shy or afraid of being put into a spotlight, in which case you just move along to another girl who isn’t very good looking.

Continue to do so until you’ve got a dancing partner.

When you begin to dance with her, look around at the girls that glance at you and take note of who they are.

After the dance, thank her for dancing with you and then find your way away from her and go talk to the girls that looked at you, if they don’t go ahead and try to talk to you first.

Why? Well because now all of the other girls think that you are a guy that does not a care about looks and that makes them want to get to know you better.

Yes, this is mean to the not good looking girl, but you probably made her entire night anyway so it’s good for everyone.

– Mr.NiceGuy

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