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How you should dress to attract girls


How to dress to attract girls

The way that you choose to express and present yourself by how you dress to attract girls can be a key ingredient in terms of your success and overall potential.

Have you decided that your current fashion style isn’t going to help you get the girls you deserve and needs a major or minor overhaul?

Then this article was written for you.

Do you already dress fairly decent but want to make a radical change in your style and dress in a totally different way than you do now?

Then this article was written for you as well.

Even if you’re already happy with your current style and how you dress to attract girls, I still ask you to look my article over and maybe you’ll find something in it that will help you improve your fashion sense a little bit.

Everything I’ve written in here is based upon the actions that I personally took two years ago to renovate my wardrobe.

I’ve done my best to structure it in a way that it doesn’t feel like I’m telling you that there is only one way to dress, because there isn’t.

Hopefully every reader can find something in here to help them out, regardless of personal tastes or local fashion scenes.

What do you like?

Think carefully about what exactly what sort of girls you want to attract with your new wardrobe.

Do you want artsy girls, athletic tomboys, preppy chicks, classy ladies or any other specific type of girl?

Get a clear mental picture what your ideal woman would look like, how she’d dress and where you think you’d be likely to find her.

I recommend you take the time now to jot down any and all thought you have about who she is, since having a clear and concise list will make some of the later steps easier.

What does she like?

Now think about your dream girl and ask yourself, what male celebrities does she find attractive?

Search through some lists of possible men that you think would be desirable to the kind of girls that you want, and come up with two or three guys whose natural looks already look similar to yours.

What I mean is that If you’re a skinny white guy, please for the love of god don’t pick The Rock as one of your role models for fashion.

Also, if you’re a black dude who is built like a linebacker, don’t be stupid and choose Justin Bieber as a source for wardrobe inspiration.

Regardless of who you are; stay in your lane.

These guys that you pick out can be actors, musicians, characters on TV shows or even people you know personally.

All that matters is that they are guys who are universally accepted by the type of girls you’re interested in as attractive and that they all dress to attract girls effectively.

Why does she like it?

Search through archives of photos, Google their name or do whatever you need to to get a small gallery of your couple of fashion role models together.

Now go through all the pictures you have of these men and see what common trends each man has going through all his various outfits, and what elements he wears in all of the photos you find for him.

Notice things such as does he wear bold colors or more subdued, earthly tones?

Is most of his clothing loose or is it form fitting?

Is his hair kept neatly combed or does it have a slight tasseled or messy look?

These are just a few of the points you should take note of when you’re looking through each the personal styles of the celebrities you picked out.

Picking and choosing

Now here’s the important part:

You don’t want to copy any one full wardrobe from one of the guys you picked, because then you’d look like just another rip off of him.

Instead you pick and choose little bits and pieces of their clothing style that you think would suit you and combine them into good looking outfits.

What I mean is that rather than going out and buying the exact same clothes that some actor wore in your favorite movie, what you want to do is decide which one individual piece of clothing makes that particular outfit awesome and find something similar to that that you can incorporate into your own personal style.

An example would be:

Find some shoes that are similar to those worn by your favorite actor in a movie.

Buy a shirt close to that worn by your favorite artist on the cover of his new album.

Get your hair cut like the guy who’s dating that knockout female celebrity you like.

Now combine all of that into an outfit that you’d wear.

This should hopefully make sure that you don’t come off looking like a clone of any of the above guys, but still seem like you have an astute sense of fashion and dress to attract girls your own way.

Fitting your own mold

Now that you’ve come up with a few possible outfits to help you better dress to attract girls, there’s one crucial step you need to do before you go out and wind up blowing a ton of money and clothes that look bad on you.

You need to find out what elements of style will complement your body, and which elements will clash with your natural appearance.

A few examples that you should know is that there are certain patterns that can make you look wider or taller than you actually are (whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you to decide).

Also depending on your skin tone and hair color certain colors will clash with your body’s natural looks and will not flatter you at all.

I personally avoid bright orange and red because they look horrible on me since I have red hair.

What looks good on one person may look horrible on another, so keep that in mind when you go shopping.

Another thing to keep in mind is to dress appropriately for your workplace, yet still have a style that will make you stand out from the other guys and get you the attention of all the women.

Making smart purchases

When you go to pick out clothes, you need to have specific outfits in mind.

You already know what specific elements you want (based off of what you’ve studied from the male celebrities you picked out) as well as what patterns and styles will compliment your body best.

You also know what the type of girls you want to date are attracted to, and how to dress to attract girls that fit your needs.

Now all you have to do is create outfits using pieces that fit both the above criteria.

When I say build outfits, I mean that before you buy any new piece of clothing you need to think about the other clothes you already have that will match it.

If for example you find a pair of shoes that you think look amazing on the shelf, you need to think carefully about how they’ll look with your other clothes and whether or not it’ll match anything you already own.

If you know that it’s only going to match one or two of your outfits, then you really need to consider whether or not it’s worth the price.

That’s why all white and black shoes are so popular with guys on this site; they can match almost any casual attire.

One final tip I have about creating outfits is that you need to learn what colors compliment each other, so that you can make the outfit out of colors from the same groups to form a great scheme.

You’ll always be trending

Here’s the easy part.

Now that you’ve got yourself a good basis for your own unique fashion, you’ll need to pay attention to the trend setters in Hollywood, London, New York and all the other cities that are known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion.

You can do this by regularly visiting websites that carry news about the fashion world, subscribing to magazines or just keeping a sharp eye out for popular trends in movies and music.

When you see something being worn by a famous celebrity that catches your eye, decide if it would compliment your style.

If it does, go out and grab it (or something similar).

If you’re not in the mood to do all of this research for yourself and would rather know the secret cheats to always dressing perfect, then you can definitely do that.

I hope my guide will help you dress to attract girls that you want to date.

The thing you must know about fashion sense is that you can just fake it till you make it.

Well dressed men look good whether they pick their clothes out all by themselves or if they just went with what their favorite music artists wears.

Once you learn to stay up on the trends, you even notice the curves coming beforehand.

When that happens, in your local area you’ll seem like the one who is setting the trends, and women find that highly attractive.

When you’re ready to dedicate yourself to getting the hottest girls, go and read “A Crash Course In Seduction” to learn all of the best tricks and secrets.

Your entire life can change. All you need to do is visit that link above.

– Goldi

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