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Does pheromone cologne work?


Does pheromone cologne work?

What are pheromones? Do pheromones really work to attract women? If so, how does pheromone cologne work exactly?

Read below to learn all of these answers and why pheromones can be a great asset if you want to seduce and attract women.

The truth about pheromones

In the dictionary, a pheromone is defined as:

“A chemical secreted by an animal, especially an insect, that influences the behavior or development of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex.”

The use of pheromones in seducing and attracting women focuses on using certain chemicals that give “signals” to women that arouse her, create attraction at very high levels, and also make her ready for sex.

These are chemicals that your body already produces and expels around you – you’re actually doing it right now – so it’s entirely natural. What pheromone cologne does is amplify the presence of those chemicals.

She won’t know why she’s so attracted to you.

She will just feel a burning desire that she won’t be able to control because this all happens on a chemical level inside her body.

Let’s make this very simple:

If a woman “smells” the right pheromones, she will become horny. But that’s not the real reason that you’re here, is it? What good is her being horny going to do?

You’re thinking, “Well, that’s great that she’ll be horny. But what’s the point? I still have to get her attracted to me in the first place.”

That is the beauty of how pheromone cologne works.

When she senses the pheromones on you, she will become attracted to YOU directly, not anyone else.

When you were younger, I’m sure almost all of you used cheat codes in video games to pass that final level or defeat that one tough boss. Before you got the cheat codes, you were stuck and despite EVERYTHING you tried, you just couldn’t seem to win.

Think of pheromones as a “cheat code” for attracting women and getting them into bed.

With pheromones, most of the problems that you have been facing are taken out of the picture, finally allowing you to score the woman of your dreams.

Now, I’m sure this is sounding TOO good to be true, and honestly I would be thinking the same thing if I were reading this.

However, you don’t need to take my word for it.

In a moment I will show you the facts, straight from the experts and scientists that study pheromones.

Still skeptical?

Well, I’m glad. If you seriously want success with women, you don’t want to blow your hard earned money on products that don’t work. You MUST want in-depth, hard-core evidence on how pheromone cologne works, why it does, and everything else involved with them.

Facts are facts, and can’t be exaggerated like a sales pitch from every other dating place trying to take your money.

I don’t even work for a pheromone company, I’m just a seduction expert who is interested in everything that can give myself an advantage in this game, and pheromones are one of those things.

Now let’s get to the good stuff

The signals from pheromones are picked up by an organ called the Vomeronasal Organ, or VMO for short.

The VMO is around three inches into the nose; when it detects a signal from the pheromones, a sexual response signal is transmitted to the brain.

Although smell is included in discussions about pheromones, the real attraction is triggered by a chemical response to the signal from the pheromones, not a specific scent.

None of this will be on a conscious level, meaning the girl will then act on this chemical process subconsciously by having feelings of strong attraction, desire and interest for you.

Pheromones are a very recent discovery, which answers the question of why you haven’t heard of them before. Because of this, you can be one of the first to take advantage of this remarkable breakthrough in both science in seduction.

In other words, get laid before your friends do!

Pheromones work through natural chemical reactions. That is why the right pheromone products are guaranteed to provide positive results.

However you must be cautious; there are plenty of bad pheromone products out there.

Don’ worry, at the end of this article I’ll show you the ones that work. I’m in a fortunate position due to my notoriety in the seduction industry, and the companies who sell pheromone cologne all gladly supplied me with “review copies” of their products to try for myself.

I’ve evaluated all of them and know exactly which work and do not. Also, some companies declined to send me testers, which makes them shady in my book so I won’t even list them here.

If they don’t want their pheromone cologne to be analyzed by an expert, then it probably doesn’t work very well.

Back to the facts:

Pheromones are also given off naturally, without people ever being the slightest bit aware. When we’re not communicating with people verbally or non-verbally, we’re always communicating with others chemically.

Now, generating pheromones naturally doesn’t mean that you can just go out and pick up any woman. If that was the case, everyone would do it all the time, and there would be no need for this.

Think about it. When we get ready every day, we take a shower, put on deodorant and also dress ourselves with clothing, therefore covering up all of the skin that pheromones are released from, as well as altering our bodily chemical make-up with the showers and deodorants we use every morning.

Furthermore, studies have proven that evolution has decreased the rate that our body produces pheromones.

With all of that, it’s no wonder that the pheromones that your body produces by itself don’t have a very big effect on attracting girls.

The amount of pheromones that an average modern man produces naturally are virtually undetectable, which is the main reason why pheromone products are becoming such a big deal.

Although new to the market, the performance of pheromones is not a subject that is under any question whatsoever. Pheromones have been tested in real-life situations, and achieve a tremendously higher success rate when applied.

Why would you hold your love and sex life back?

Not using the new groundbreaking science of pheromones does nothing but restrict you.

If you’re wondering about the exact benefit of what pheromones do for you, look no further. Pheromones increase the amount of attention you get from women, including eye contact and flirtatious smiles.

When you use pheromones, your sex appeal also goes straight through the roof, and you will be having many more dates along with sexual relations.

You don’t have to be single and in the dating game to benefit from pheromones, either.

If your current relationship is lacking, the use of pheromones will give it the total boost in all areas to get things back the way they once were, or the way that you always wanted them.

Pheromones also don’t only help with attracting women; they also have a positive effect on all those who surround you, giving you an aura of calmness and relaxation.

One of the best benefits of using pheromones is that you don’t have to do nearly as much work in getting women that you would have to normally.

Pheromones greatly increase the amount of times that women actually approach YOU!

Don’t you love when the shoe can be put on the other foot sometimes?

Even more benefits include increased self-confidence, and respect towards you.

Although all of the above sounds well and good I’m sure, but just saying what pheromones do won’t prove anything, or enlighten you anymore to what they actually are and WHY they work.

Certain men just attract all of the women, and although you can use techniques and seduction skills to obtain these women, there is still just something about the men who get all of the women.

There is always that something that makes a woman attracted to certain men over other guys.

What makes women absolutely drawn to certain men? Scientists have long been searching for the answer, as well as men all over the planet.

It is known as “chemistry” and, believe it or not, it is actually almost accurate.

Hormones called “pheromones” trigger very intense sexual desires in animals, and it has been a long standing question if they do the same in humans.

After intensely studying the way pheromones are involved in human sexual intercourse and partnerships, and also the impact that scent had in these interactions.

Thanks to modern science and study, it has now been shown without a shadow of a doubt that humans both produce pheromones and also react to them sexually.

Pheromones affect the human body in such a way that it has the potential to alter a woman’s ovulation cycle, which leads to an increase in her desire to reproduce.

That is the strength of pheromones!

Pheromones simply get a woman attracted to you, and thanks to modern science as well as in the field testing; this issue has finally been figured out.

The results of these studies spell nothing but success for males all over the world.

The science and real, cold, hard facts back it up:

Pheromones get women attracted to you.

Men all over the world who have tried using pheromones have seen their sex and dating life go from nothing to having more dates than they can keep up with.

Being such a new breakthrough in both seduction and science, there is some confusion about pheromones, if they work, how they work, and some people just don’t know about them at all.

Well, now you know.

Be glad that you now know the truth; it’s now time for you to get more women than in your wildest dreams.

The best pheromone cologne I tested

Like I said earlier, I’ve tested all of the most popular pheromone cologne on the market – in real life situations – and can honestly tell you that Nexus Pheromones gave me the best results.

Standing tall above the rest, this pheromone spray really worked like magic.

You see, when you use most of the products you will see an increase in the amount of attention women are giving you, but in most cases you need to be on the lookout for it.

With Nexus, it’s just right there in your face; almost to the point where things seem strange and situations become awkward because of how girls react around you when you’re wearing Nexus Pheromones.

Women that previously only had a little bit of interest were bombarding me with attention, and others that I’ve been working hard to get into bed just weren’t even a challenge anymore. Even girls that disliked me (like ex-girlfriends) seemed to have changed their feelings.

It was very surreal at first, but in a good way.

Since then, I’ve completely replaced my normal cologne with Nexus and it’s all that I wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I still keep my game in check and need to work at nailing the hottest girls; the pheromone cologne that I wear doesn’t just make girls start taking their clothes off without you doing anything.

However it does make your job insanely easy, mainly because girls will automatically be attracted to you. You won’t need to put in all of the effort to make them desire you sexually – the pheromone cologne works to do that part – you just need to game them as usual and convince them to give in to those desires.

So, does pheromone cologne work?

Nexus pheromones definitely does, but it’s not all “automatic sex” like some companies advertise. That’s just marketing bullshit.

The way that good pheromone products really work is to create a sexual desire for you within women, then it’s up to you to make them actually have sex with you. That’s the real truth.

In my opinion, the benefits of wearing pheromone cologne are crystal clear. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it because gaming women is so much easier when you have some Nexus on, and the results are instant and obvious.

If you are interested but haven’t tried pheromones yet, then you’re going to be shocked.

There’s plenty of products out there to choose from, and I’ve tried many of them. With the huge majority the changes were so slim that I honestly wasn’t sure if it was the pheromones working or if I was just having an “on” day.

With others they just seemed to have no effect, and a few even smelled a little bad.

Then I tried Nexus.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was real, but after wearing it for a week straight it was undeniable; this stuff was really making more women want to sleep with me.

I haven’t looked back since, and wouldn’t recommend ANY other product. This is the one that does what you’re looking for.

So to answer the question of how does pheromone cologne work; really does that even matter?

Nexus just works, and that’s good enough for me. I want results, not a great sales pitch full of empty promises.

Try it out today and find out for yourself.

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