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How much do looks matter to girls?


Do looks matter to girls?

Your game and confidence levels are the two most important factors that determine your success at dating, but how much do looks matter to girls?

They matter a lot, I’m not going to lie about it.

That’s the reality of things, however the good new is that they don’t matter nearly as much as some other traits.

Only the most shallow of women (a very low percentage) will ever choose a man based on looks alone.

We’re talking about Kardashian type of girls here.

The rest of the female population (particularly those worth dating) view a man’s looks as a sort of “bonus”, like:

“He’s got everything I’m looking for and he’s good looking!”

To help you relate, it’s just like how us men consider a girl who is intelligent. We think like:

“She’s hot and she’s smart too!”

Now if that particular girl isn’t really smart, would that be a deal breaker for you if she’s an absolute bombshell?

Be honest.

So do looks matter to girls?

Yes, but only as a secondary consideration, not a determining factor.

Now I’m not talking natural looks, because when you really think about it; in what way does your god-given looks tell something about who you are?

It doesn’t at all!

They were given to you for free, regardless of if your natural looks are good or bad, you didn’t do a single thing to earn them, so they do not display your character in any way.

Think about this:

What if we were all given a challenge by god before our birth, and your performance in this challenge directly affected how you would look once you were born.

Scoring high would give you good looks, while scoring low would not.

If that was the case, then natural looks would be a display of character, but the world doesn’t work this way (because I just made that all up), so natural looks in the real world do not tell girls anything about who you are.

Most importantly, it fails to convey any of the traits they are most attracted to, such as: ambition, confidence, fun factor, dominance, social value, and so forth.

Modern society has made it easier for “male model” types of men to get girls, but for the first million or so years of our evolution it did not work this way at all.

Throughout our history men have been the only ones that would only be attracted by looks, because in reality it was all women had to offer back then:

Better looking mother = better looking kids.

Hottest girl in the village = you’re the chief.

You get the idea.

Women, on the other hand, were automatically programmed to search for mates for vastly different and contrasting reasons:

Smarter man = better chance of survival.

Stronger man = protection from dangers.

Better hunter = more food on the table.

Social standing = more community perks.

Notice the trend there?

None of the traits that girls are naturally attracted to have anything to do with looks.

Up until perhaps 100 years ago it didn’t matter what a man looked like, if he had all of the traits I mentioned above he’d be getting the best looking girls in his tribe/village/whatever.

Even though our modern cultures have changed in many ways, evolutionary programming like that does not go away at a rate fast enough to keep up with the changing times.

There’s probably still a few thousand years of evolution from the point we are at right now until everything catches up.

As a man, is how a woman looks still the main thing that governs which ones you are attracted to?

Of course, and that’s the proof right there.

Our programming still remains the same, and it does for women as well.

This means that even though TV, music, magazines and movies may disrupt the way that girls are attracted to men, it can not fully override their basic natural instincts.

At least not yet.

One modern example of this is gold diggers.

From my point of view, girls who do this aren’t doing anything wrong at all.

They’re simply following their instinct to find the best possible provider.

You can’t blame them for wanting to find a man who can provide them with the best life possible because they are programmed to do that, just like you’re programmed to stare at yoga pants.

This is also a good answer to the question do looks matter to girls, because if looks were the number one thing that women use to choose their mates, then gold diggers simply would not exist.

In fact, you be surprised by what women really have to say about what they first notice about a man’s appearance.

Enough explaining, you should get idea by now.

Let’s go back to the part where I was describing what traits cave girls were looking for in cave men.

When looked at as a whole, what do those traits describe?

His character – in essence – what type of man he is in relation to her other options.

These are things he has earned and were not given to him, so they are displayed to others as a projection of himself and clearly outshine anything that is resting on the surface.

How much do looks matter to girls is more about how much they matter in comparison to everything else a man can offer.

Now we come to the only hole in this theory, which is the fact that the new world we live in puts so much emphasis on what people look like that although it is not the most important trait to have, it still plays a role (when in the past it didn’t at all).

So what is a guy with not so good natural looks going to do?

If you have all of the other “puzzle pieces” in check, then technically you need to do nothing.

However, this website is about self improvement and becoming the best version of you, not just being “good enough”.

That’s the answer; you become better.

You can turn your outer appearance into something more powerful than what you were born with, even more powerful than what someone who is better looking than you was born with.


I’m glad you asked.

You can utilize everything at your disposal to improve your appearance (lifting, nice clothes, the acne thing, trimmed and near body/facial hair, great hair style, tanned body, and the list goes on).

You can do this until you’re positive that you look YOUR absolute best.

By doing so you will not only turn your outer appearance into just something that attracts girls because it looks good, but you will also be turning your outer appearance into one of those “cave man” traits that I described earlier.

You see, now it is not just something that was given to you, it is something that you earned and has become a part of your character.

Now THAT is attractive.

So to answer the big question of do looks matter to girls:

The truth is that the effort you put into looking better is the most attractive part about it to women.

I bet you never saw that one coming.

When you’re ready to learn my most secret tricks that will get you hot girls regardless of what you look like, head over and check out my book.

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