Dinner and a movie is a bad first date

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Don’t Do Dinner And Movie

When going on a first date, never go to a club or movie because you want to spend this time talking to her and using the pickup skills that you’ve learned, which can be limited once you go into these places.

Take her somewhere fun during the daytime (such as miniature golf, the beach, etc).

This will lighten the tension and make both of you more comfortable, and also allow you to talk freely and touch her as much as possible.

After you go on a date with a girl you are very interested in, and if you feel that everything on your date went very well, send flowers to her workplace.

Girls love to show off when a guy they are dating does something romantic for them, and their work is the absolute best place for them to show off.

Most girls are either good friends or highly competitive with their female co-workers, which is a win-win situation for them when they receive a gift while at work.

Chances are she will give you a call the moment she gets the flowers, try it.

To balance out the equation and make it seem like you aren’t a needy guy, you can jokingly act like “Aww no, I meant to send those to someone else!”

Say it with a smile and you are as good as gold.

Also, only do this once, as making a habit out of spoiling a girl will lead to her either taking advantage of you or expecting you to continue that behavior forever.

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