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Dealing with your fear of rejection


Dealing With Rejection

When rejected, just smile and walk away. Who cares what she thinks, you probably won’t ever see her again anyway.

Besides, it’s her loss and she just missed out on a good time with a great guy.

Go out looking to get rejected, because once you become comfortable with girls saying no, your fear of rejection will be gone.

Desensitizing yourself to rejection takes time but it is a necessary aspect of building your skills, so you should always approach women with an open mind knowing that if they do reject you, it’s nothing personal.

Remember that the player who gets rejected the most is the player who leaves with the most numbers!

Fear is the #1 reason men fail with girls.

You usually experience fear when you are not confident or don’t have experience in a certain situation.

One effective technique to overcome fear is to go out and say “hey” to everyone that you walk pass with a smile on your face.

After that you can advance to small talk, then conversations and so on.

But overall, you will not get over your fear unless you are exposed to it.

That remains a fact.

Just remember that when you overcome this you will be amazed and proud of how more confident you have become than you were before in your social interactions with girls.

Now get out there and practice, and fear nothing.

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