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10 Steps: How To Make Out With A Girl

by Julian Webb

Be Good At Making Out With Girls Be Good At Making Out With Girls Did you know your saliva is a natural aphrodisiac? When a man kisses a woman, the testosterone in his saliva is transferred to her, causing a hormonal reaction in her body, arousing her sex drive and feelings of intimacy. Pretty cool, huh? Your saliva is sexy. It's scientific fact. But unless...

How To Play Hard To Get & Drive Girls Crazy

by The Player

Playing Hard To Get Playing Hard To Get I'm sure that everyone has heard about playing "hard to get", however, not many know why this tactic works so well to attract the opposite sex... or the correct ways to make it work to your advantage. Get out your pen and paper, or get your printer ready, because I'm going to break it down for you...

Turning Her On - The Art Of Touching A Girl

by The Jerk

Turn A Girl On By Touching Her Turn A Girl On By Touching Her A lot of you right now are probably asking, "well what in the world is touch, and how can it get me laid?!?!" Keep it in your pants for a second guys, let me explain. touch, in a nutshell, is the art of touching. "But The Jerk, why is touching a girl gonna help me get laid?" Funny you should ask, well first...

10 Myths About Girls That Men Believe

by YoungCasual

Myths Men Believe About Girls Myths Men Believe About Girls Do girls only go for hot guys? No, no, no and no. In fact, how you look isn't even in the TOP FIVE things that girls look for when choosing a potential partner!!! Demand, value, confidence, fun factor and how you carry yourself are all more important! Do girls like it when a man throws himself at a...

Body Language - Signs That A Girl Likes You

by BBX

Her Body Says She Likes You Her Body Says She Likes You One of the most common types of body language is the smile. The smile is a universal sign of acceptance and happiness. A smile that reaches the eyes is a genuine smile that says you are welcome to come closer. Something else to look for is eye contact. Sometimes you can almost feel someone looking...

How Are Some Guys So Confident?

by Sebastian Steele

Secrets Of Confident Men Secrets Of Confident Men Have you ever seen someone who is so good with talking to girls that it almost seems like he has magical powers? Do you think that guys like that FEEL confident when they are talking to girls? Okay now think about something that you do really well. Maybe it's interacting with customer or coworkers at...

Not Good Looking Enough To Get A Girl?

by The Player

Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend By now I'm sure that you must have read about body language on this site, so you should know that even though most people spend a large majority of their lives talking... roughly 90% of the communication done between two people is actually non-verbal. With that said I can now move on to...

Making A Girl Feel Comfortable Around You

by Julian Webb

How To Make Her Feel Comfortable How To Make Her Feel Comfortable Have you ever heard the expression, "the game is played in comfort"? If you truly haven't, it's one of the most underappreciated, and misunderstood concepts in seduction. I don't even think the guys that coined it really understand it correctly. You see, when those other gurus, and other...

How To Pass A Girl's Tests When Flirting

by The Jerk

Passing Girls Flirting Tests Passing Girls Flirting Tests I've had a couple people msg me asking about chump tests. Basically, a chump test is a little game a girl throws your way to try and seperate the wimps from the pimps. I know this cat named Fingers that has already put out a written word on it. Hopefully this helps: What is a Chump Test? When...

Why Do Hot Girls Like Guys Who Are Jerks?

by Big Q

Why Girls Like Jerks Why Girls Like Jerks Everyday, you see it. You wonder why, and what could she possibly see in him? We ask ourselves this question every time we see it. Why do the most beautiful girls always go for the jerks? The answer is quiet simple. They have something that the rest do not. That special thing they have may be limited...

10 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

by Goldi

How To Gain Confidence How To Gain Confidence While true confidence with girls can only come through experience, in order for you to have positive experiences you'll need to be confident. So I've compiled a list of some of my personal favorite confidence boosters that you can look through when you need a short term lift in your spirits...

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl

by Sebastian Steele

Starting Conversations With Girls Starting Conversations With Girls Okay, I'm going to share the formula that I use when deciding what to say to girls. It's fairly simple once you get the hang of it... so bear with me. Here's how it works. Let's talk about psychology. Let's say you spot someone that you want to talk to, and you're not sure what to say. Well, there are a couple...

How To Touch A Girl For The First Time

by Julian Webb

Touching A Girl You Just Met Touching A Girl You Just Met To a man's eyes, the female body can be one of the most beautiful things on the planet (if not THE most). It's also human nature to want to physically reach out and touch the things that are intriguing and beautiful to us. Why is it then that so many men do not touch women naturally on a...

Being A Flirt - Tips For Flirting With Girls

by The Jerk

How To Flirt With Girls How To Flirt With Girls You are a lucky one. I think of myself as a master of this stuff, flirting is the most powerful thing in the world, especially if you know how to use it against you or with you. Flirting involves smootheness, suavay, intelligence and charm. Flirting is what seperates people from a casual, rinky-dink, boring...

Why Some Guys Can't Get Laid

by Dude

Why You Don't Get Laid Why You Don't Get Laid Tired of girls telling you to "get lost" and treating you like a loser, while they melt and swoon over some other guy who just seems to have something that you don't have? Truth be told, I used to be just like that first guy. All of us at The Inner Circle were, at some point or other, just like him. In fact, most of...

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