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Dinner and a movie is a bad first date


Don’t Do Dinner And Movie When going on a first date, never go to a club or movie because you want to spend this time talking to her and using the pickup skills that you’ve learned, which can be limited once you go into these places. Take her somewhere fun during the daytime (such as miniature golf, the beach, etc). This will lighten the tension and make both of you more comfortable...

Keeping that one girl off of your mind


Keep Her Off Your Mind Never become obsessed with a particular woman you’ve just met, no matter how hot she is or how much she seems to like you. If you think about her too much, you will begin building up tension in your mind which can affect how you act the next time you see her. That is when you need to be on top of your game, not looking like an idiot with nothing to say or acting...

Having sex with her for the first time


Sex For The First Time Never attempt to have sex with her unless you know (for sure) that you have the skills to pull it off the FIRST time. If you try and fail, chances are she will be extremely uncomfortable around you the next time you get together, and probably never return your calls or avoid you completely because the situation will have grown into something awkward that she would prefer to...

Prepare your place before she comes


Get Your Place Ready Your ultimate goal when you go out on a date with a girl is to get her back to your place, so before you go out to meet her or pick her up it is always a good idea to get your crib prepared for her to be there. Make sure to have everything clean and neat; vacuum your carpet, get all dirty dishes out of the sink, take the trash out if it is overflowing, put everything in...

Scouting restaurants before dates


Check Out The Restaurant Before going on a date, check out the restaurant you are going to choose to bring your date/girl to the night before or two days prior and familiarize yourself with the menu. You can eat in and observe. Be particularly friendly with the waiter and some of the staff. Before leaving give a tip to the waiter. When you bring your date, she will be surprised by how well you...

Tricks to get that first kiss from her


Getting The First Kiss This is one of my favorite tricks to use in order to get that “first kiss” without all of the anticipation and awkwardness. Simply do the following, but make sure she has warmed up to you first, or she may get pissed: Ask her if she likes surprises, if she says yes, kiss her. If she says no, kiss her anyway, and then say “My bad, I forgot you didn’t...

First date splurging – very bad idea


Don’t Splurge On First Dates Never bring a woman to a really expensive restaurant for any of the first few dates. You may think that you are impressing her, but all you are really doing is adding to the tension of the situation. You will also be raising her expectations and from then on she will expect you to ALWAYS take her to classy places. Unless you can afford to have a high maintenance...

Have great dinner dates with women


The Perfect Dinner Date Pick a cool place. Something there has to be notable because chicks love to talk about these things. So whether it’s a trendy sushi place, an expensive posh thing, or a bar that’s on the rooftop. You should pick something that will make an impression on her. If you’re 21 & up you should figure out if she’s the white wine type or red. See if she...

Should you pay for girls on dates?


Paying For Her On A Date It goes one way or the other. If you don’t want to pay for it all then let her pay for half. She’ll usually bring this up. You can say yes/no, it’s up to you. But, if you decide to pay then you always have to pay. You also have to pay for everything. So when you go out and pay for a bottle or something like that at a table, you have to pay for that and...

How to get her back to your place


Get Her To Your Place It’s pretty simple really, but how do you get to take her home most of the time? Well, it’s all about where the actual date is taking place. If you for some reason don’t have a place of your own or you decide not to take her out on a date in your town then you’ll most likely find it difficult to get her in bed. I mean you could just take her to a...

Free Seduction Guide

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