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Waiting 3 days before you call her


Wait 3 Days Then Call 3 days! Christ came back after 3 days for a reason, to teach us the 3-day rule. Once you hit 3 days, call her up. Breathe. It’s very important to keep taking steady long breaths because this is how people get nervous. If you disrupt your breathing then your heart also speeds up and you’ll sound nervous. Just clear your head and breathe. Be ready for her to answer...

Touch her hair to create attraction


Touching Her Hair Touching is the most important part of flirting. Want to let a girl know that you like her? Touch her! Want to make a girl like you more? Touch her! Want to let a girl know that you’re not scared to touch her? Ok, you get my drift. Simply touch her hand or wrist, maybe even her arm and you will do all of the above. This is easy to do, it just takes some balls, so go out...

How to get her talking about sex


Make Her Talk About Sex Talking about sex with a girl is one of the easy-access “doorways” that you can use to get to the point of actually doing it. Here is a sure-fire way to get her talking about sex: Start talking about something the is not related to YOU and HER having sex (because that could scare her off), but IS related to sex in general, like you could tell her that someone...

Free Seduction Guide

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