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Conversational mirroring with women


Ambiguity & Conversational Mirroring

Let’s talk about a technique that I believe is very powerful in seduction when used correctly: being ambiguous through conversational mirroring.

Being ambiguous can create a desire in a woman to want to discover the real you.

It shows that you have – beneath your exterior – depth.

The mystery of how deep you go can be enough to keep her mind on you when you aren’t around, and her eyes on you when you are.

Conversation Mirroring strokes a woman’s vanity, turning yourself into a mirror that reflects her in the best possible way. As a result, she’ll feel secure in your presence and less secure when you’re not around.

First off, in conversation:

Try to stay away from opinions, facts, and statements, as these are forms of externalization. You want to make your insides a mystery, not display them for all to see.

Use your words to lure a woman further along by maintaining your ambiguity.

The more you talk, the more she should WANT to get to know you, simply from the fact that you aren’t letting her do so.

At the same time, she should not realize this.

The point is to understand the importance of your speaking as not a means for communication, but as a means for creating feelings of intimacy and intrigue.

Don’t lecture, opine, or gossip. Consider conversation as a form of dancing.

You want to move with her, and she wants to move with you. So bring her along by relating to things she can easily relate to: emotions, spirituality and sensations.

But what to talk about? Her.

This is where the conversational mirroring comes into play.

Talk about her experiences, about places she’d like to travel, about her favorite foods, about things she has not just interest in, but a passion for.

Reflect her passion by showing your appreciation of it. Be interested in her interests.

Talk with her, about her, and about what she wants to talk about.

Focus on the emotional, spiritual, and sensational aspects of the topic at hand. Thus, instead of just commenting on it, you are also relating it to her with sensations she can imagine or identify with.

This will make talking with you seem much more engaging to her than the bland chit-chat she undoubtedly experiences with most men.

Really all you’re doing is making yourself a mirror of her, conversationally.

You are reflecting her interests in the best possible light, and allowing her to explore herself through you.

You are stroking her vanity. And in the process, you are maintaining your ambiguity:

She thinks she is getting to know you better, but she’s not really learning much about you at all, other than the fact that you make her feel good, are familiar yet mysterious, and surprisingly, becoming more and more attractive.

Women love to talk, and feel good around men who know how to listen. They’re also extremely attracted to men who can remain mysterious.

With this strategy, you are simply pairing both of those things together to give here the best conversation she’s ever had with a man.

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