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Control your relationship with a girl


Control your relationship

Women love men who know how to take charge. The importance of being able to control your relationship is up there with things like being confident and having high social value.

Yes, this can be a big deal.

So much so that not knowing how to be in control and act like a man can utterly ruin your relationship with a girl.

You’ll read a lot of stuff about acting like an alpha male.

However, to the average guy who has a girlfriend this can seem way out of character if he just switches it up.

That can cause some major turmoil and confusion within a relationship.

To combat this catch 22, I have compiled 5 step process that you can use slowly begin to control your relationship in a manner that won’t result in your girlfriend freaking out.

The truth is that most average guys are NOT in control of the relationship.

Eventually this will lead to a breakup.

Your girl will ultimately lose interest because you’re inability to control your relationship displays too many unattractive qualities to list.

If this applies to you, believe me when I say that you need to handle this ASAP!

So what are you to do?

Obviously you need to take control, but making this transformation overnight will most likely make your girl get confused and angry.

Nobody wants to lose control that fast.

With that in mind, I have laid out the steps to take control slowly and effectively.

Step One: STOP doing every thing she tells you.

You MUST start acting independently.

Get busy.

If you aren’t busy, pretend like you are (fake it ’till you make it).

The first step to taking control of your relationship with a girl is to rip her off that damn pedestal.

YOU are the man and you need to start acting like it.

Step Two: DO NOT keep treating her like a queen.

Don’t return every single one of her text messages and do not answer every single one of her calls.

I really don’t care if she’s your girlfriend.

She will not be for long if you continue to treat her this way.

Being with a committed relationship with a woman does not imply an obligation to oblige her every whim and desire to the point where you end up becoming someone that you’re not.

If you have not yet, read The Player’s 10 communication commandments here on this site.

To get yourself to control your relationship, you need to take some of the control that she currently has away from her.

Taking her 24/7 access to you away is the perfect start.

Step Three: Stop allowing her to see you every day.

This kind of goes back to the whole “being busy” thing I mentioned earlier.

From now on, you should only see her on your terms.

In fact, for a while the only time you can agree to see her is when you suggest it. Everything has to be done your way, not her way.

If she asks for Thursday, tell her no. She can have Friday night because you’re busy on Thursday.

This is just a simple example, but you get the idea.

Control the amount of time you spend with her and not only will she have a greater appreciation for the time she does get with you, she’ll also have much more respect for you.

The boyfriend who is never busy and always available gets zero respect.

Don’t be that guy.

Step Four: Take the initiative to set up dates.

No more of that “where do you want to go?” bullshit.

You don’t care.

You two can go where YOU want to go.

Sure, she can suggest places, but YOU need to be the one who decides.

Women get extremely impressed and turned on when their man just takes them out on his terms. She’s just along to enjoy the ride and be surprised by who you have planned, and she loves it!

The only excepting to this is pre-planned dates that are for time sensitive event; for example a concert.

Step Five: Act playfully cocky around her.

Show your confidence in yourself by saying things like, “You know, you’re really lucky to get to some spend time with me.”

Or, “How’s it feel knowing you’ve got the best man in this place?”

Trust me, she will really like this new side of you.

Don’t forget to be playful about it, otherwise you’ll look arrogant. Every conceited comment you make must be accompanied by a smile that let’s her know you’re playing around.

ANY man can give off the “bad boy” vibe by making comments like this, even if you aren’t.

You don’t need to actually be an asshole to reap the benefits that kind of attitude can provide.

You just need the swag and the talk.

I know that these are all things that a real man should be expected to do, I just wanted to lay it all out in one place and also emphasize the importance of taking it slow.

I can guarantee success if you take this slow, but not if you try to implement everything tomorrow.

Your girl will wonder what the hell just got into you and get really pissed off.

That would only make things worse.

So for now, take it easy.

So to the average guys with girlfriends, heed my advice.

Once you have control over the relationship, you’ll never have to worry about being dumped again.

The overall experience will be better as well, not just for you but her as well. She’ll feel like you are being the man that you’re supposed to be; one who takes charge of situations and provides the security she needs and direction that she finds attractive.

This is how a healthy relationship should be.

You should control your relationship and guide it in a way that suits your needs and makes her more content and fulfilled at the same time.

When you read “A Crash Course In Seduction” everything will truly change.

You’ll never need to worry about a power struggle in your relationship or your girl ever thinking about anything except how to please you.

Go look for yourself, everything you need is RIGHT HERE!


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