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Take Control With Women

One of the fundamental things in seduction that will either lead to your success or failure with any given girl is how well you maintain control of your interactions.

One way you could react to “I’m bored!”, “What’s up?” and “Entertain me” is by responding with something funny in an attempt to do exactly what she says and entertain her.

But wait a minute:

She’s telling you that she’s bored and you obey her command and entertain her – doesn’t that mean that she’s in control of the conversation?

So, we need to think of a way we can respond to that that keeps you in control of the conversation while still letting her enjoy the interaction.

How we can do that is by re-framing her command and redirecting the conversation the direction you want.

How I personally like to do that most of the time is by teasing her then totally changing the flow of the conversation.

My entire idea of the purpose of teasing is that it exists for you to remind the girl what the power balance between the two of you is and that you’re the alpha who controls how things happen in this world.

This sort of situation is exactly the right place to employ them, since you need to correct her mistaken belief that she controls the conversation.

One girlfriend I had a while back I used to do this to her all the time.

This can be actually quite fun if you turn these sort of statements around on her.

– Goldi

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