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The best compliments to give a girl


Compliments to give a girl

Beautiful girls get complimented by men all of the time, so to make yourself stand out and be remembered you need to hit a girl with something she’s never – or rarely – heard before. The information in this article and examples of the best compliments to give a girl is exactly what you need to separate yourself from everyone else and come out a winner.

Are you ready to learn how to give a girl the best compliment she’s ever been given in her life?

Flattery will get you everywhere

Make a habit of always complimenting girls and they will in turn always have good feelings about you, but don’t overdue it or they will think you’re just trying to score points – which you are – but you don’t want them to know that directly.

Giving a surprising, unique and well-timed compliment to a girl can entirely change the way that she feels about you. It’s that powerful.

Why does this work so well?

It’s because compliments are what governs a woman’s confidence and self esteem.

The most obvious proof of this is how much they care about the likes and comments they receive on the social media websites they use.

I’ll talk more about compliments to give a girl and social value in a moment.

For now all that you need to know is that girls absolutely love all forms of compliments, but only the right compliments truly grab their attention and create attraction for the guy who is giving the compliment. The bottom line is that if you aren’t going to do it properly, you might as well not compliment her at all.

Just like a good compliment can make her like you more, a bad one can actually end up doing the opposite.

Practice in moderation

As a general rule, you should not compliment the same girl more than once per day.

This rule isn’t set in stone and can vary depending on the situation, but it’s a great guideline to follow so you properly moderate the amount of compliments that you’re giving out.

For example, if you’re on a trip with a girl and around her 24 hours per day then it’s alright to compliment her more than once per day.

Another example is when you’re dealing with your own girlfriend, in which case you should be complimenting her more than once each day.

When a girl is dating you exclusively, your opinion of her matters more than any other – and you always want your girl to feel sexy.

Unique is the way to go

The trick to killer compliments to give a girl is simply a matter of giving her one that most men will overlook.

It must also be something real.

If you can’t think of anything wildly unique, then your contingency plan should be to go with something that she’s gone out of her way and spent either time or money on, something that she expects to be complimented on but men rarely notice.

Women spend a lot of money, time and energy on their hair, nails, outfit, tan, jewelry and every other tiny detail regarding their appearance. Yet most men who compliment them don’t see the small things individually, just the whole package.

Girls want you to notice and compliment on those things directly, not be lazy and just tell them they look beautiful. Any idiot can do that.

If she just sat in the salon with tin foil in her hair for the past 4 hours, she wants guys to notice her hair and say something about it.

If she just sweated her ass off in a tanning booth, she wants you to be paying enough attention to notice her tan and compliment it.

Want to know what a woman thinks when you just call her pretty?

She thinks: “That’s sweet, but I was hoping he would notice that I just got my nails done today.”

Insert the most recent thing she’s done to enhance her appearance into that sentence, and there you go.

For instance, if she looks like she’s just had her hair done, say “I really like your hair, did you just have it done?”.

When it comes to a REALLY HOT girl, never tell her how beautiful she is. Every other guy that has tried and failed with her has said that, so learn from their mistakes and tell her how talented or smart she is.

Chances are she has rarely (if ever) received such a compliment, and no matter how beautiful she is she won’t be able to stop smiling once she hears it.

Most importantly she will remember it. The best compliments to give a girl who is beautiful are almost always things that are not related to her appearance.

Always be on the look out for things you can compliment on. I will never cease to stress how important it is to be aware of everything that girls say and do, because if you hear and see everything you will never be at a loss for words, and in this case, at a loss for compliments.

Compliments suck as openers

Never walk up to a girl you’ve never met before and open up with a compliment, you should always time your compliment properly so that it catches her by surprise.

You might be thinking “If I open up with a compliment won’t that catch her by surprise?”.

Nope, and for two very obvious reasons:

The first is that plenty of guys have the false belief that compliments are a good way to open when they approach a girl. It’s happened to her more times than she can count, so no that isn’t very surprising at all.

The other reason is that she might view it as nothing more than a lame ass pick up line because you chose to say it before saying anything else. By now you should know that pick up lines are never a good option.

Instead, here’s an effective way to use compliments when you first meet a girl:

Approach and introduce yourself, a simple “Hi, I’m Dave” would be sufficient. You can be a bit more creative, but it really makes no difference.

Upon receiving her name, ask a question based on what you observed before approaching (if you didn’t pay attention and observe, you may find yourself at a loss for words).

Only after she answers your question hit her with the compliment, which should also be made based on what you’ve observed. If possible, you should try to say something funny in response to her answer to your question in order to break the ice before delivering your compliment. If nothing funny can be said (which often is the case) just forget about it and move on to the compliment.

I know I already mentioned this, but I’m going to say it again because this is important:

The best compliments to give a girl will always catch her by surprise. By waiting to compliment her and engaging in some conversation beforehand you can achieve that effect.

Never use a compliment as your opening line.

Compliments + social media = bad

Note: you’ll rarely find a woman willing to admit just how much they care about the activity on their social accounts, but believe me when I tell you they’re almost all addicted.

Addiction too harsh of a word? That depends upon your perspective.

If someone can’t go 24 hours without something – that’s an addiction.

I’m not saying it’s unhealthy or anything, just stating the facts. There’s nothing inherently wrong with women being addicted to Facebook and Instagram.

It’s actually a good thing for you and them.

Why do you think girls snap pics of themselves after they get all done up but post that shit online before they go out? They’re just seeking compliments to pump themselves up for the night, that’s all. I see nothing wrong with this.

Personally I like women that are confident, so whatever they do to get that way is fine by me.

It’s only a bad thing when men do it, so if you’ve been posting pics on Facebook and then counting the likes – it’s time to stop. I could go into detail about why guys doing that is a bad idea, but that’s not what this article is about. Perhaps I’ll write about it in detail in the future, but for now you’ll just have to trust me.

It’s a very bad idea.

As I mentioned above, social media has given women a method of fishing for compliments and getting a quick confidence boost when they need it, and they are making good use of it.

However, complimenting girls on their social profiles is never a good thing for YOU to do.

They are purposely looking for compliments on there, which means that they are expecting it to happen. The right compliments to give a girl should always be surprising, unique and most importantly – done in person – all of which can not happen on the internet and achieve the effect that you’re looking for.

Even when you are directly gaming over the internet you shouldn’t be using compliments, so it’s best to just leave the social media complimenting to the idiots who fall for the thirst traps and never end up actually getting the girl.

Now you know the best compliments to give a girl. Get out there and start making girls feel good about themselves, which will make them start feeling good about you in return.

By the way, remember to smile when you give a compliment to a woman, you will find out that it’s highly contagious.

Complementing women is an important, yet basic concept.

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