It was all just an accident, I swear

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The Accidental Greeting

Here is a good one I used a few times back in school, but it’ll require some balls on your part.

What you do is bump into her in the hallway and make sure you knock her books down (if she doesn’t normally carry them then carry yours and when you bump her drop them).

Then when you both bend down to pick them up say something like:

“Wow, I’ve seen you in the hall a few times and thought you were kind of cute, but from up close you’re gorgeous.”

Then tell her you want to chill with her after school and say “is there a number I can reach you at?”

Make sure you ask for her number like that because it works 100 times better than “can i have your number?”

You also don’t have to use that same compliment, you can use anything that you really like about her.

If she is the type of girl that likes to dress impressive or look like she cares a lot about what clothes she wears (most are) then that might be the way to go.

Girls like that dress nice because they are hoping someone will notice and say something, you’ll make her day if you tell her that her shirt/jeans look cool and she will like you a lot more because you noticed.

– Salty Sam

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