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Being the guy that she can not have


Being What She Can’t Have

While being friends is definitely the last thing you want to do with a girl you like, it’s also a good way to build attraction through the backdoor.

Let’s say she’s dating some other guy or she’s a bartender whose Value obviously is different from other girls.

She could even know about your game.

This is where you work at chipping away her defenses.

You can do this by raising your value in her eyes and making it clear you don’t want to game her.

So basically you game girls in front of her.

You make fun of how you treat some girls and you do jerk things and laugh together about it.

You talk to her about your own adventures while explicitly stating she’s a good friend.

You even listen to her own stories and if you have to fake real genuine interest in the things she says.

You make it understood that you have no attraction at all with her, though.

In the meantime, you throw constant aggressive touching her way.

Find any excuse for it and act on it more so than you would with a normal woman you are gaming.

All of this together will confuse the shit out of her.

Maybe one night of drinks is all it takes for her to jump on you or for you to make a move.

You are basically providing a comfort zone for her while also showing how awesome you are while being completely “unattainable”.

Now instead of her being out of reach, you take her power and you yourself are out of reach.

– Wood

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