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Being lazy can ruin your relationship


Get Lazy And She’s Gone

Avoid Apathy! It is quite often that a person will see their perfect relationship crumble right in front of them for no rhyme or reason.

In reality, the reason for the breakup exists, but the guy is usually unable to see it.

Time and time again it is because after either a week, a month or even years into it, the guy becomes apathetic and can no longer create attraction.

Why do you think so many marriages fail today? Never fall into the routine of a relationship.

Keep things romantic, challenging, exciting and fun.

Constantly check your looks, words, and behavior.

Always stay vigilant against relationship apathy.

If everything starts getting too routine, stale and boring, you need to switch it up and start doing new things and creating fresh experiences with her.

You also need to stay in shape like you’re still single.

Remember back before you started dating her when you were hitting the gym all of the time so you’d look nice and sexy to attract women easier? You need to get back into that groove.

You wouldn’t like it is she looked all hot when you met her but then gradually started just lying around in bed eating ice cream and losing all of those sexy features that made you attracted to her in the first place, right? Well, the same rules apply to you.

If you stop acting and looking like the same man that she fell in love with, then you’re on thin ice.

– by Wispy

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