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The secret to being a popular guy


Being a popular guy isn’t hard

Have you ever known someone who just seemed to exude an aura that drew people to them? Have you also wondered what the secret to being a popular guy really was?

When you meet a popular guy, it’s really obvious and you know it pretty much right away.

He seems to be friends with everyone and is always in the company of others.

All the guys want to be just like him and all the girls want to be his girlfriend.

This guy will often stun girls when he makes a dynamite first impression, leaving them speechless with his effortless charm.

Ever felt a bit jealous and thought to yourself:

“I want to be that guy.”

The good news is, you can be that guy, but it requires work, effort, desire, drive, and (most importantly) guidance in the right direction.

When people see others who are carefree and confident they often say to themselves; “Well, that guy only has high self-esteem because he’s rich/successful/whatever…”

This is totally false – the opposite is true.

He is not happy because he is successful, rather he is successful because he is happy!

These people understand that you must first be confident in yourself before you can have any meaningful success in life.

Some people only discover this truth when it’s too late; others don’t discover it at all.

Whatever your circumstances, don’t blame others for where you are. You must take primary responsibility for your life and the direction in which it’s going. That’s all on you.

So how does all this apply to being popular?

One of the first steps to being a popular guy is improving your social skills so that you are known as someone that matters.

Quite simply, you do these 5 things:

(1) Treat others as you would have them treat you. Yes, I know this isn’t new advice and you’ve heard it many times before, but it truly is the best way to make more people like you.

(2) When someone treats you badly and it is unjustified you let them know, not necessarily through words but with your actions, that you do not tolerate second-class behavior from others.

(3) Don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people. Expanding your social circle is mandatory. If you want to become more popular you need to be known by many people.

(4) Participate is every social activity that you have access to. Someone throwing a party? Go to it. New club opening in town? Go there. People you know meeting at the beach? Go.

(5) At social events, never just stick with the people you know very well and are comfortable with. Break out of your shell and talk to everyone, both guys and girls. You need to network.

That is the simple formula for being a popular guy. As usual there’s quite a bit more that goes into it, but all of those things you will learn naturally along the way.

I’d rather not distract you with everything all at once, because focusing on those 5 steps above takes priority above all else.

The good news is that as you gain more self esteem doing those things will be easier.

So how do you gain self esteem?

The most obvious and important way is to become more successful with girls. This one aspect of a man’s life is usually the one which holds him back in all others.

It is the common denominator behind which lies the motives for much of what insecure men do in their lives. Not just them, but all men actually.

Sure, you could buy all those “routine-based” programs available, but they won’t do anything to fix your inner state of confidence.

The Inner Circle has created an advanced program which focuses on both external and internal game:

Perfection Outside and Perfection Inside.

You need to be proficient in both if you want to reach incredible success with girls.

The good news is, both of these books are included in The New Breed, plus over an hour of audio lessons and a third bonus book.

Realistically, this is all you’ll ever need!

It’s time to make a change in your life. If it isn’t, then what were you doing reading this article in the first place? You know you deserve better.

Check out the seduction program I mentioned, and be prepared to have what you thought was impossible become a reality.

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