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Stop trying too hard to impress girls


Trying Too Hard With Girls Don’t ever be that loud mouth bastard that’s screaming “Let me see some titties!” at the top of his lungs, or hanging out of the passenger window like “Woooo, girl you got a fat ass!”. These are the type of guys that girls find funny and entertaining, but funny and entertaining does NOT make it to the bedroom. Don’t smack girls...

Do not agree with her all the time


Stick To Your Opinions One of the biggest things men do that girls can really pick up on is agreeing for the sake of agreeing. Have your own opinions, and if you see that just so happen to genuinely agree with 5 things in a row, don’t let it be known that you agree on those 5 things. It’ll make you seem needy as shit. Normal guys don’t just do this to girls, they do it to alpha...

Tease her but never apologize for it


Saying Sorry For Teasing If you want a lady, be a little mean to her at first. Trust me, it sounds like a crock of shit, but it actually works pretty well. The one thing that a girl wants more than anything is something that she can’t have. The biggest key to this is to let her know that you are being playful with her, and if she doesn’t seem to like it, try a different approach. If...

Game is better than money or looks


Game Beats Money & Looks Listen guys, here’s the truth. You can play this game and still come out squeaky clean enough to kiss your grandma. You don’t even need to tell a single lie to a girl to have success. Most of the hot women out there want the same things that we do. They enjoy sex just like us, and they are looking for the best possible mate just like we are. I always go...

Make her think you are always busy


Don’t Be Boring, Be Busy Chicks don’t like boring guys. It’s a fact. They want a man to be interesting, fun, and unpredictable. But yet, I see so many of my dude friends replying to girl’s text messages with this: Hot Chick: “Hey, what’s up?” Average Dude: “Nothing much, you?” FAIL! Replying with the phrases “nothing much”...

Free Seduction Guide

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