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Act like you have been there before


You’ve Been There Before There’s not many qualities that a man can have that are more attractive to women than the attitude that her liking you is not a big deal at all. You’ll always end up a winner if you can act like it’s just another day in your life, like you’ve been there before. This is probably the most obvious sign that women use to sort out the real men...

You should treat her like a guy friend


Treat Her Like A Guy Friend Before you try to seduce a women you first need to build some comfort with her. One of the best ways to do that is to treat her the same way you would treat one of your guy friends. Not only does this build up your relationship with her in a natural way, it also allows you to maintain an attractive vibe. If she wants you to hang out with her and you’re busy, then...

Stop talking about your ex girlfriend


Never Talk About An Ex Girlfriend Never bring up your ex girlfriend unless a woman asks you about her. This is always a bad idea on so many levels, so I’m going to jump right in an tell you how you can stop talking about your ex with a new girl when you’re stuck in that situation. Ex girlfriends are usually a bad topic choice for the conversation (especially with a woman you’ve...

Only speak positively about yourself


Talk Positive About Yourself Be careful about what you say about yourself. Never say “I suck at,” or “I can’t do that”. Always speak positively about yourself. You’re supposed to be acting in a confident manner at all times, remember? How you speak about yourself is a direct projection of how insecure you are and how much self-esteem you have, so always...

Always be aware of your surroundings


Knowing What’s Around You Being fully aware of your current environment and the people that are in it is a very important skill for any guy to have. Almost all social settings and venues are fully dynamic and will be ever-changing, so it is wise to make sure that you do a quick scan of your surroundings every few minutes to see what has changed, who has arrived and who may have left. Even...

Break your bad habits talking to girls


Bad Habits Should Die Now So you’re a beginner and haven’t had much success with women yet? If you’re at this stage do NOT be ashamed. Just acknowledging your status is already a huge step closer to achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself. You need to see where you are at and tell yourself the truth. If you are a nervous sort around girls and find it difficult to...

Steady pace is what wins the race


Slowing Down Your Pace Walk the walk and talk the talk. Both of these aspects of your physical behavior should be slowed down considerably. When you are walking, you should be moving at a slow, steady pace that conveys the impression that you know exactly where you are going but are in no rush to get there. Slowing down your walk can substantially increase the amount of girls that will approach...

Stop talking about negative things


Avoid Talking Negatively Never try to impress a woman by telling her about the things that you own or the stuff you have done. If you do so, you will come off as bragging, which is viewed as negative and most definitely not something that women find attractive in a man. Actions speak much louder than words, so it is in your best interest to SHOW her why you are someone of high social status...

Over-gaming and lingering too long


Stop Before It Goes Stale Over-Gaming is a problem that not many men are even aware of. You can’t learn how to drive a car perfectly from just reading the drivers manual and you can’t learn to interact with girls perfectly by having just tons of knowledge and techniques. One of the biggest things that guys do wrong is that they fail to calibrate their game to different situations. You...

How to deal with beautiful women


Dealing With Pretty Women Never be afraid to say no to a pretty girl, because most of the time when a woman asks you for something or wants you to do something it is nothing more than a test. You may or may not already be familiar with these tests, but in case you’re not, in the seduction community they are commonly referred to as “Shit Tests”. To pass her tests, you can simply...

Free Seduction Guide

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