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How to be comfortable talking to girls


Be comfortable talking to girls

Real game is about improving yourself as a person and increasing your chances to succeed, not knowing a bunch of lines and routines. One of the first aspects of yourself that must be honed is getting yourself to be comfortable talking to girls.

Obviously practice and repetition play a role in this, since many experiences taking to women will desensitize you to the mental roadblocks that create discomfort.

However, that’s an external, simple and secondary concept that does not need to be discussed in detail.

What we are going to explore in this article is the internal aspect of how to be comfortable talking to girls.

Basically, what goes on in your head.

Psychologists and doctors relate brain activity in so many different ways, it would be extremely difficult to fully interpret the actions and reactions of ones mind.

My simplified philosophy is that the brain acts in two basic modes; aggressive and passive.

The brain also reacts to situations in two characters; comfort and discomfort.

I know, it’s all very analytical, but it really broadens the way you approach and view things.

You can relate any situation to this philosophy and find an overwhelming response of the traits.

The goal of this article is to help you interpret my philosophy and put the knowledge of it into practice in your dating life.

If you want to be comfortable talking to girls you first need to understand the way your own mind works so you can stay comfortable and true to yourself in any situation that you need to deal with.

You can use all of the best tricks out there – and you will have success – but you really need to know WHO you in the long-term.

Let’s figure out what type of brain you have:

Active brain – aggressive

The active parts of your brain are what everyone else sees.

They see the type of person you are and how you handle certain situations, like talking to girls.

Aggressive traits come from desire and will. Alright, but why is this important to know?

It is important to understand because when you are actively pursuing a goal, a girl or even a dream, you display a certain type of energy.

This energy is confident, it is determined and persistent.

It is a very sexy energy and usually portrays attributes girls find very attractive.

Active brain – passive

Passive traits come from comfort, or an analyzer. The energy that this part of the active brain conveys is content, focused, and intelligent. Both active parts display very attractive and successful qualities. A lot of psychologists or therapists, will sit and tell you what is wrong with you, and then how you should fix it. I completely disagree with this method, because who wants to hear everything that is wrong with them?

The four types of minds

There are four types of people in my philosophy:

– Aggressive-Aggressive
– Aggressive-Passive
– Passive-Aggressive
– Passive-Passive

Aggressive-Aggressive are the type of people who never stop moving.

They push with everything they have until they accomplish their goal, and then move forward to a new one.

These people often succeed, because you can’t fail every time. Not when you have this much persistence.

Aggressive-Passive people make decisive steps toward their goals. Once they accomplish one, they sit back and wait for a new one to confront them.

These are the kind of people that live for challenges and rarely give up.

Passive-Aggressive is what I would relate myself to.

We are the type that achieve goals in a less dominant way.

We like to pay attention to detail and observe things from every angle before pursuing.

These types of people are normally very wise and will approach goals with ease, not regularly having to reattempt.

Passive-Passive people like to sit back and let everything fall in their lap.

It normally does, because they do so in knowledge that they can make things happen without very much effort.

These are people that make everything look very easy.

Finding Yourself

In entirety the goal here is to help you find your comfort zone so you can learn how to be comfortable talking to girls.

An added bonus is that comfort is contagious.

If you approach a woman and seem to be 100% at ease in your own skin, that vibe will rub off on her and make her feel comfortable in your presence.

That makes the interaction much more enjoyable, for both of you. It also greatly increases your chances of success.

Take a look at the four types and figure out which one you fit the most.

Take this knowledge, honestly, and don’t try to be anything else.

Irregularities are caused by one type attempting to display qualities of another, when you already have very attractive attributes to work with.

Even though you might not yet know it.

Passive Brain – Discomfort

This is what we are here to eliminate.

It’s not so much about finding comfort as it is about eliminating discomfort.

When you have found your person type, you have made a huge step in abolishing discomfort from your life.

Discomfort comes from an urge to fit into your environment – like a chameleon – except we can’t change who we are.

Instead of attempting to fit in with your surroundings, you should adjust yourself to accept them.

All the while maintaining who you are as a person.

Passive Brain – Comfort

This is the enlightenment of your inner self.

Once you have established your elimination of discomfort you can focus on your comfort level by accepting yourself as your type and not attempting to be anything less.

Anything that you are not, is less.

Comfort comes from the acceptance of yourself, and other people as they are.

Everyone can relate to everyone else in one way or another, and you have some very attractive qualities about yourself.

This is what inspires you to live life to its fullest.


All in all, once you have eliminated discomfort and established your comfort, the rest of yourself will fall into place.

The confidence, determination and unique style of game will form and shape itself around your person.

You’ll begin to realize how naive you were by attempting to be someone that you’re not.

First become fully relaxed and at ease with who you truly are, then you will be comfortable talking to girls automatically.

So what is game?

Game is your journey to establishing a successful life.

To learn everything there is to know about gaming and being successful with women, read “A Crash Course In Seduction”.

Do that, an you’ll be an expert in no time.


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