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Balance cocky & funny with women


Being Cocky And Funny

Balance, the way to balance your cockiness is to be funnier. That will offset the negative citations of your high confidence levels and allow you to avoid giving off a self-centered vibe.

However, you don’t even have to toss on more funny to balance the cocky, you can just tone down the cocky and try to be more friendly.

When you’re really cocky, girls tend to either think you’re an asshole, or they figure that you are interested in getting in their pants.

Step it down a bit and use a bit of that nice guy inside you, which may or may not have been the reason you ended up here to begin with.

We tend to overcompensate for our niceness by being very confident and cocky, but then you realize you overshot your mark and have to try again a little lower.

I got called a cocky asshole for YEARS, I mean from the time I was like 8 till I was 20.

By being mildly friendly, you can slip in the cracks and then once you get in close, you can strike without them seeing it coming and they are thoroughly surprised, but in a good way.

I’m not saying to go overboard and be her friend, because we know you just end up with “Let’s just be friends” and that’s no good either.

Finding a happy medium is the key to not just pick up, but all of life.

– Player87

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