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Avoid your relationship getting boring


Keep Relationships Fresh

Always keep exciting things happening in your existing relationship.

Try new things (not only sexually) and never become lazy by just sitting around watching TV every night.

If your girl becomes bored with the relationship she will leave or cheat on you.

Remember “It’s easier to steal another guy’s girl than it is to keep your own!”

With that in mind, if you’ve managed to get a great woman that is worth keeping, you must be prepared to put in the effort required to do so!

For example, instead of buying a “normal” gift (roses, jewelry, etc.) for your girl, try this tip that will save you money and be very effective: Learn a little french, then buy her a card and put “Je t’adore” (I love you), on the inside.

Girls love romantic french words especially when you show that you spent your time to learn love words for her.

When you do want to give an actual gift to your girl, try this trick instead: Tape a note to the glove box in your car that says “Open me” and put the gift inside.

Don’t say anything about it, just pick her up and as you are riding along in the car let her find it for herself.

This tip follows the same rule as the one posted above: it’s single serving and should only be done once.

In addition, never use both of these tips back-to-back!

– theplayaways

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