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Assume that every girl is interested


Assume She Is Interested

When deciding whether or not to approach a particular woman, just assume that she is interested in you and act the same way you would with a woman that you know for a fact is interested in you.

This will give you confidence and the woman will pick up on this, in turn making her more attracted to you.

One of the best techniques for getting yourself comfortable with approaching new women is to pretend as if they are already your girlfriend, which will take away a huge amount of your stress and allow you to game them with a clear mind.

When approaching girls always think you are the coolest guy in the room.

Always act FUN but RESPECTABLE, girls want to respect a man, it’s female nature to want respectable, confident men.

A girl with no respect for a man is the equivalent of a man with no physical attraction for a girl.


Girls love men who know how to act in public.

The greatest example that I use all the time is just holding a door open for them when they walk through.

They love it and it works every time.

Persistence can go a long way as well.

When a girl rejects your initial advance it does not generally mean that you can not pick her up, in most cases it simply means that she will not let you have her that easily.

To handle situations like this you can use the two-minute rule:

When you approach a girl you should always spit game to her for a FULL two minutes before walking away and accepting the fact that she is simply not interested, regardless of what she says during those two minutes.

You will be surprised by how many girls will start warming up to you within two minutes, and by using this technique you will end up with a much higher success rate than you would if you were to just accept defeat right away.

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