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4 online dating pitfalls you can avoid


4 Online Dating Pitfalls You can scroll through hundreds of women in a matter of hours, select those that you like, send messages and then just sit back and wait until one of them “bites”. Online dating is a perfect idea on paper. But hey, so is communism. The system has its flaws. I’ve done the dirty work for you, and so I’m here to present the 4 biggest pitfalls in...

Just a few random tricks for you


Here’s Some Random Tips Alright guys, Uncle Kev is about to lay down some sure-fire tips to help your game. Rule #1 If you’re in a club and a group of girls are sitting together and none of them are dancing stay away! Fellas this is a no win situation! The chance of you getting a dance is very, very slim. The reason is the fine one won’t dance because every square in the club...

Some tips for talking to new girls


Tips For Talking To Girls This is how it works, if the girl likes you she will flirt when you make the move and you ask her out. Girls care about a guy’s swagger, hygiene, clothing and game. If you don’t have game she will see that. Girls can tell immediately if a guy can talk to her and say the right things to get her into bed. Always smile, women love that. Don’t jump right in...

Having nice cars can get you girls


Girls Care What You Drive Let’s talk about cars. This is something very important to the player because what you drive says a lot about you to girls whether you like it or not. All things being equal, if a girl sees you pull up at the club in a 1984 Toyota Corolla, your chances just got a lot harder than the guy who pulled in behind you to valet his Hummer H2. I’m in the car business...

This movie can improve your game


Watch This Movie I just wanted to recommend a movie for those that haven’t seen it; “The Tao of Steve” is an awesome movie in terms of the philosophy of being a player (a “Steve” in the movie). Three main rules: Be desire-less, Be excellent, Be gone. Be desire-less: “girls can smell agenda.” If they sense that you are after sex, and sex alone, (given the...

How to decorate your place nicely


Spruce Up Your House I was recently asked by one of our regular site visitors to post something about how to set up your house/room correctly. Aside from furniture which can be expensive, artwork and posters are an affordable yet effective alternative to spicing up your living space, because the first thing that girls will notice in your place is what you have on the walls. If they see something...

My own personal story may help you


This Is My Story I’ve been gaming for a while now. Had good times as well as bad, but lately, my game has been going pretty well and I just wanted to share a bit of my story. I was always doubtful of the advice on the site, but I started to put a lot of it into practice, especially self-worth and confidence. It’s about as true as it comes when it’s said looks aren’t...

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