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How To Go Down On Your Girlfriend

by YoungCasual

Going Down On Your Girlfriend Going Down On Your Girlfriend Let's Get Down To Business!

Deep down, girls love sex just as much as men do, although they aren't usually as open about it. Ask a male if he masturbates and he will tell your straight up that he does, whereas you pose the same question to a girls and 3 quarters of them will curl up into a ball and go into some sort of sexual defensive coma. We know why this is as it is relating to the emotional issues and the ‘Anti-Slut Defense'.

You have tried, and tried and tried with girls to get them into bed, but because of lack of experience in the field and lack of game you have fallen at the first hurdle. So after reading up about girls's emotional needs in regards to sex elsewhere around these boards, you have the information you need to get that girl into your sack as soon as possible. Now lets find out HOW to do it.

How To Turn girls On

No matter what you read in magazines and the like, the setting isn't as important as you may think when turning a girl on. That means that you don't need to turn your home into a candle store before you can attempt to bed your girl. It can be done anywhere – including in the middle of the street!

Now look what I wrote – I said setting isn't AS important as people make out, although it is important to a degree. A girl is going to feel much more at ease being sexual with you when she is alone with you, rather than in the street or in the middle of a public library.

The truth is that girl can NOT control when they get turned on. What they CAN control is how far they let it go. A girl could be turned on whilst browsing the knife section of a hardware store – you just wouldn't know it, as it wouldn't be the place for her to start flicking her bean now, would it?

What you are about to learn is to HOW to turn your girl on, how to KNOW when she is turned on and then how to capitalize on the situation to get her between the sheets.

The best way to go about turning your girls on is through touch. touch is one of the greatest weapons in a male's arsenal and if you know how to use it you will have your girl giving you the greatest responses you have ever had. Soft, subtle touching is what girls respond to, but you have to make sure it seems as if you do it naturally.

There are many, many ways to escalate touch but I am going to list the main ones that you want to know – the ones that will turn a girls on. Good area's to go for are the neck and lower back. These are hot spots on a girls and soft, subtle touches here will send a tingle up and down her spine.

Touching her thighs and upper legs is a winner as well and is great when your sitting next to a girl. For example, your on a bus with your girl and you gently rub her upper leg, moving across to her inner thigh – what do you think that does? You guessed it – gives her a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling around that area...I don't need to tell you what organ is nearby, do I?

Touching with your hands isn't the only way to get your girls hot under the collar either. When you are making out with your girl, why restrict to just her lips? Kissing her neck softly will make her melt! By this I mean you smell her neck at the same time and kiss it. This turns her on because you are displaying sexual power by doing it without her expecting it. She will wonder were you are going to kiss next! Anticipation for her is the key! girls want to be controlled but doing the same positions and same turn-on's gets boring for both you and her and will make you predictable and boring.

Girls wear perfume and nice smelling products for a reason, so let her know she smells nice. Mix things up a bit and tease her whilst doing this as well. Gently touch her neck with your lips as if your about to kiss her, but then pull away and continue smelling her. Make her WANT the kiss. Be spontaneous and unpredictable and she will love you for this. Doing this shows that YOU are the one in control and it also shows that you are not a needy male who is fully focused on having sex and shows her, that given the chance, YOU can be the one resisting HER, rather than vise-versa, like in relationships controlled by girls (the ones that usually last 2 weeks before collapsing.)

Eating Out

You either love it or you hate it, yes men, it's the age old debate – "do you lick pussy or do you not lick pussy?" First of all the reason that men do or do not lick pussy is because they have had a bad experience with a very hairy or very smelly pussy, or they have never been down on a girl, but have heard horror tales about people who have experience of licking a hairy or smelly pussy.

Well guys, sometimes this can be one of the nicest things you can do, or it can be one of the most disgusting things you will ever do – Its up to you weather you do it or not, but read on and I will show you a little test that I perform which determines weather the girl I am sexually involved with is going to get the pleasure of my tongue running over and inside her axe wound.

The first test is to determine weather the chick is hairy, which you will see as soon as she whips off her underwear. Personally I don't like hairy pussy's but I'm sure somewhere out there, there are guys that do! Usually if she has a hairy pussy it's an indication that it is going to smell like a can of 3 month old moldy tuna, but even if she's clean shaven, you can never be too certain that it still doesn't smell.

This is where my second test comes in. Whilst I am fingering the girl, I kiss her neck and slowly kiss and lick down her body. I go all the way down to just above her pussy and take a whiff. If it stinks then I slowly kiss back up the same route I've come down. If everything smells fine then I put on my snorkel and get down there! Usually if it's not hairy and it doesn't stink, then it's going to taste OK as she keeps herself clean, although if it does taste horrible then you can either put up with it and puke, or quickly make your escape! Ready to make the plunge? Then read on!

Don't just dive straight into the pussy! Tease her! Assuming you have decided to try out my test and kiss and lick her body before hand, she knows exactly where your going – down her body. Her pussy is obviously next, right? No! She's expecting it, so go AROUND the pussy, and kiss her thighs and inner legs. This will get her pussy begging to be licked that little bit more!

The most important thing about licking pussy is that every pussy is different – they even look different! From one vulva to the next, every one of them looks different and unique. Girls know this, some are even insecure about it, and think that there pussy's are odd! But it isn't just sight where they differ – its how they feel and react as well. I realized this when I was new to the art and read a sex tip about licking pussy. I was advised to write the infamous alphabet with my tongue – It worked, so obviously the next time I licked pussy I did the same thing but this time got no reaction. It was then I realized that what pleases one, doesn't necessarily please another and threw my "how to lick pussy" sex tips out of the window.

So lets go back to viewing pussy's and how each one is different. Like I was saying, some girls are insecure about how their vagina's look different, so when kissing her thighs, why not throw in a compliment about how nice her pussy looks? The basic anatomy of every pussy is the same, but the detail comes in many shapes and sizes, which is why some girls feel insecure about their pussy's and in fear that it may be in some way wrong. If they do feel insecure about their pussy then they aren't going to get the ultimate enjoyment out of sexual contact with you, so it's ideal you let your girl know that everything is fine with her pussy, rather than give her an odd look, or saying "ewww what the hell is that". You will obviously let her know everything is OK with action when you go down on this chick, but a compliment won't steer you far wrong either.

So lets take your senses on a field trip to the vaginal area shall we? Tongues, lips and fingers are all instructed to have fun here! The great thing about your tongue is that it can do way more to a girl than your fingers can. It's pre-lubricated, very sensitive and can either lick pussy relaxed or tensed to give both you and the girl a different feeling of excitement.

One thing I must point out – if you decide to cook your girl a meal before you plan on licking her out, make sure your menu doesn't include stuff like garlic or asparagus, else you will never lick that pussy ever again!

So your admiring your girls pussy and teasing the chick by kissing her thighs, its that time gents – time to go in!

Now remember boys, a girls's pussy is VERY sensitive. I will tell you now, there is NO magic way to lick a pussy. I have told you previously what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, so I am going to list some ways I like to lick pussy, some thanks to numerous tips I have received, others of my own findings – you need to see which one is getting the best reaction out of your girl.

Some girls like it very soft. For this, it is best to use the delicate tip of your tongue. What I like to do, to make the experience much more exciting for me, is to close my eyes and explore her vulva using my tongue. Like a blind man softly runs his fingers across brail to read, I gently run my tongue around her vulva to get a mental image of what her vulva looks like. Explore the pussy slowly. One thing that gets a good reaction when I am doing this is to make a slight moan – it lets the girl know that I am enjoying this just as much as she is and it also sends a slight tingle running up her body.

This next technique is widely known as "the Turtle" due to the shape of your upper jaw when performing it (It looks like a turtles top beak). Your anchor your upper lip above the clitoral hood (make sure your lip is covering your teeth!) and this leaves your lower lip and your tongue free to explore the vagina in all its glory, either gently licking or applying pressure just under the clitoral glans.

Stimulating the inside of the thigh next to the vulva with your mouth (without actually touching the vulva itself) is another great way of getting your girls eyes rolling into the back of her head with pleasure.

When your licking your girls pussy, and she is really enjoying it, give her a bit of a tease and get yourself back down kissing those thighs. Your girl will be begging you to get back into that pussy and she might even grab your head and manually put it back there herself!

Well that's the basics, enjoy!

ONLY the basics, you might ask? Yes, that is exactly what I said.

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