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ďSome people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, itís quite the opposite: A woman having large breasts makes men stupid.Ē Ė Rita Rudner

You know what I hate? When a guy gets all groper-like and sloppy on my breasts. They act like theyíve never seen a fantastic set of hooters and begin drooling like a hungry puppy all over my, well, puppies. Grabbing our breasts, thrusting them together, and tweaking or turning our nipples like radio dials is not arousing. Like our sensitive (and complicated) nether regions, our breasts can be stimulated in a wide range of ways, they have different pressure points that create a variety of sensations, and if you donít put a little effort into what youíre doing, your partner wonít react well.

There are certain breast stimulation techniques that work well on smaller ladies, and others that are effective for the big girls (Iím talking about boobs, not the actual woman). By using the right ones you can bring your partner to orgasm just by touching, rubbing, and even suckling her breasts.

A gentle brush

During foreplay, begin by lightly brushing your fingertips or hand over her breasts and nipples. Let the delicate skin-on-skin contact send shivers down her entire body. Donít just focus on her chest but let your hands move down past her breasts to her stomach and legs, and then zero in on her chest area once again. Keep her in anticipation of when youíll fondle her breasts next.

Slow massage

Rubbing or cupping her breasts in your hands, either during foreplay or intercourse, can be a huge turn-on. I especially love when Iím on top during sex and the guy gently holds my breasts so they bounce in and out of the palms of his hands. The intimate touching is wildly exciting.

Tongue titillation

Your tongue is a powerful tool, so be sure to give her breasts some warm, wet tongue play. Use your tongue to tickle the tips of her nipples or circle around the areola (the coloured outside area of her nipples). Just think about how amazing it feels when we use our tongues to titillate your throbbing penis and youíll understand how pleasurable it is when you use a similar breast stimulation technique on us.

Lip service

Work your way up from using your tongue to getting your entire mouth in on the action. If sheís smaller you can use your lips to softly suckle on one of her breasts. And regardless of the size, a delicate nipple-nuzzle with your lips will immediately make her wet.

The hand-mouth combo

If thereís one thing Iím always reminding you of, itís this: donít stick to one thing. Sure, it might feel good to have you massage one of our breasts while engaging in sex, but keeping things varied will be even more satisfying.

So when youíre using different breast stimulation techniques, switch things up Ė use your hands at first and then move on to some oral teasing. Work one breast with your tongue and another with your fingers. Keep her on her toes (or, if you both have a foot fetish, invite them to the sex party!). Variety is always the spice of life.


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