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How To Stop Being Nervous

If you seem to be very laid back and “smooth” around girls that you are not attracted to, but nervous as hell around hot girls, try this strategy to help calm those nerves.

First remember that you are a confident, suave player, and you can have any girl that you pursue.

Next look at the particular female from a critic’s perspective, instead of focusing your attention on her good traits (and she may have many), focus your attention on her bad traits (and she may have little, but it does not matter).

This works because you are now looking at this girl the same way that you look at the ones that you aren’t attracted to, which is exactly what you needed to cure that nervousness!

Another trick to help you calm down when you’re nervous and trying to get a girl is to prepare your body physically.

Some things that are very helpful to prepare yourself are to breathe slowly/deeply, visualize success, smile, and yawn.

Breathing and visualizing help slow your heart rate to calm you down, while smiling and yawning convince your body that there is no risk and it should be calm.

The latter two suggestions may seem crazy, but they do work to some extent.

Try them out for yourselves!

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