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The best online opener you can use


Perfect Online Opener Lately, I’ve been trying to improve my way of attracting girls over the internet. I searched new ideas and tips that helped me a little bit. But the authors were always saying “you can use this, but find out what works best for you” I would always say to myself “I don’t think I’m that creative” But I’ve noticed the more you...

Great opener – ask her to marry you


The Proposal Opener This icebreaker is so effective that it can work on just about any type of girl, it’s pure gold. Try this: The next time you see a really hot babe that you have never met before say this simple phrase, “Will you marry me?” 🙂 I know it sounds crazy, but if you say it with a smile on your face they will almost always think that you are joking, and in turn, they...

Free Seduction Guide

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