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How to approach groups of women


Approach Groups Of Women Alone Most guys are more hesitant to approach groups of women than they are with approaching a woman who is by herself. I can totally see the logic in that, but I also see how illogical it is. Approaching a random group of girls might seem daunting – but trust me – if you don’t make any of the cardinal mistakes then it’s FAR easier (and almost...

Never plan out your conversations


Don’t Plan What You’ll Say Never try to pre-plan the dialog before you approach a girl, it will not work no matter how good you get at memorizing your “lines”. For example, you should not try to think of “something to say” before you approach, but instead, you should only think about a general topic that you can begin a conversation on. You can use general...

Paying attention before approaching


Observe Then Approach Knowledge is power. Always listen to and observe everything, including other’s conversations. If you take the time to observe a woman before you approach her, you may notice something she is doing, wearing or talking about which in-a-way “tells you” what to say when you try to spark up a conversation with her. It is a common myth that in order to be...

Meet as many people as possible


Meeting Everyone There While you are out, it is important to avoid having “tunnel vision” and only focusing your energy on groups that contain potential mates. Talking to as many people as possible within the venue regardless of what they have to offer is an extremely effective strategy, and can lead to some very interesting and beneficial interactions. Doing this also puts you into a...

Never talk to the hottest girl first


Avoid The Hot Girl First If you notice a girl that you like but she is with one of her friends, try this approach. My favorite way to do this is to talk to the “uglier” friend first in order to make the hot one jealous, because if you talk to the hot one directly the other might like you too and get jealous, then she will do just about anything to cock block you and ruin your chances...

Wait before you approach another girl


Time Between Approaches If you get rejected, take a break for a few minutes before approaching another woman. Most women will be insulted if they think that they are your second choice, so it will ruin your chances if you hop from one girl directly to the next one. Let everything simmer down for a while so any girl’s who saw you talking to the first one either forget or no longer care about...

Using situational openers on women


Situational Openers Are Best The best thing to say to a girl you’ve never met before is something based on observation, look at her clothes, bags and other stuff you can see to get an idea of something she likes then ask her a question about it. After she gives you an answer proceed to introduce yourself. I always try to “learn” as much as possible about a girl before I approach...

How to avoid using common openers


Don’t Use Normal Openers There are 3 questions that 90% of the guys use when trying to open girls: “You are so beautiful!” or some variation of this, “Do you have a boyfriend?” or some variation of this, “Can I take you out sometime?” or some variation of this. You know what? All these guys all think they have been imaginative. That they used a real tight...

There is no set way to approach girls


No Perfect Way To Approach As long as you have a smile on your face you can approach her any way you want: straight on, diagonally, backward, even zig-zagging while doing Navy-Seal somersaults and yelling “hoo-ah!” (though I wouldn’t recommend it). Most guys worry too much about the minor details. Look her in the eyes, smile playfully, and just get over there to talk to her. How...

Give her time to get comfortable


Let Her Get Comfortable Never approach a woman the minute she arrives at the bar, club or party. If you do, you are doomed to failure. Instead, give her time to get used to her surroundings while you observe her actions and wait for the right time to make your approach, but don’t wait too long! If you wait too long you are running the risk of many bad things happening, the worst being : You...

Free Seduction Guide

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