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How to approach women at a club


Approach women at a club

It’s true that you can easily approach women at a club and get laid, but that doesn’t mean that clubs are the best places to meet girls.

Many guys have gotten the wrong idea about clubs and consider them to be the pinnacle in terms of gaming venues.

This is false idea promoted by the fact that clubs are good for meeting easy women.

Clubs actually rank very, very far down on the list of places to pick up quality girls.

However they do serve an equally effective purpose that many men fail to consider when coming up with their dating game plan.

You should always view clubs as training camp for your game.

They are great places to practice because of many reasons, but definitely not where you want to meet your next girlfriend.

Many other places such as the beach, stores, coffee shops, colleges, theme parks, and so on all beat clubs if you are looking to successfully find high quality women.

Quite frankly, the girls that frequent clubs are far from being girlfriend/wife material, when looked at as a whole.

Your success rate when you approach women at a club will also be much lower since girls put all of their “shields” up before they even step foot in them.

They are expecting to get approached by 50 guys before the night is over, and they will be turning down 49 of those guys, if not all of them.

Those aren’t good odds.

However like I said before, clubs are by far the best places to practice due to many reasons:

Eliminating fear

You WILL get shot down, a lot.

This helps you build up that “thick skin” that is required to improve your game.

The best players in the world all understand that they will always – no matter how good their game is – get shot down more than they will succeed.

It’s all just a part of the game.

The best way to prepare yourself for this – and eliminate your fear of rejection in the process – is to get rejected many times in the least stressful way possible (at clubs) so you can build up an “immunity” to it.

Think of it like getting a flu vaccine at the doctors.

They shoot you up with a weak version of the flu so they you will have built up a resistance to it by the time the real thing comes along and your body simply shrugs it off.

Practicing your skills by learning to approach women at a club helps your mind “shrug off” rejection when it happens it more important situations.

Social consequences

Chances are that you’ll never see these girls again in your life, so being rejected by a girl at a club means little when compared to getting rejected by a girl at your work or school.

It will not haunt you.

If you were to get turned down by a girl at your work, that will potentially destroy your chances with any of the other girls you work with.

This is because if one girl says no, then all of they other girls MUST follow.

If they did not and actually hooked up with you it would be like saying: “I’m not as good as the girl that turned him down”.

Girls are far too competitive and proud to do that.

When you approach women at a club you don’t need to worry about those negative social consequences.

Abundant options

There are LOTS of girls at clubs.

Usually there’s so many that you can effectively game 10+ every hour if you apply yourself correctly.

You can raise your game to a whole new level in just one night of heavy practice in a club and literally walk out a new, better man.

Practicing at clubs is to your game as shooting steroids is to your muscles.

It’s almost like cheating it works so good.

Disclaimer: Don’t do drugs, that was just a metaphor.

Heavy training

Like I said before, girl’s have their defenses up at clubs, making it much harder to penetrate their barriers than usual.

This means you must work even more to pull them in, and that helps your game to grow.

If you practice at clubs on a regular basis, you will become accustomed to girls being hard to get.

Once you go somewhere else like the beach and spit some game, everything seems very easy.

It kind of like how baseball players put a weight on their bat while they are on deck so the bat feels super light when they step up to the plate.

The same principals apply here.

Pure anonymity

Clubs are dark, smoky and loud.

That is not the perfect atmosphere to be gaming in because you can not hear very well and neither can the girls you will be approaching.

This means you will constantly need to lean in so she can hear you, which is a hugesign of insecurity by basic body language principals.

Leaning in displays that you view the girl as higher social status than yourself.

However, on the other hand that same atmosphere that makes it harder to hear makes it easy to go unnoticed.

That makes rejection much easier to swallow.

If you were to get turned down by a girl in line at the supermarket, chances are everyone can see a hear what is happening.

That can make you very uncomfortable and possibly do damage to your self image.

At a club you have insanely low chance of other people even noticing at all, which puts a lot less stress on yourself.

Well there you have it, a breakdown of what purpose clubs really serve in the dating game.

They are for practice, having a good time and maybe a quick lay. Nothing more.

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