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The Opinion Opener Formula

One of the easiest ways to successfully approach girls consistently is through the use of opinion openers. These are clever “lines” (for lack of a better word) that you plan in advance and use when approaching women.

Think of them as like modern-day pick up lines, except these actually work.

Watch this:

“Hey guys, let me get your opinion on something…”

I’m sure you’ve heard something like that before. It’s called an opinion opener. It’s considered one of the best routines to approach a woman (or group of women) with because it does 3 things very well:

1) Avoids conveying interest too early.
2) Sounds genuine.
3) Sparks interesting conversations.

Most importantly, your opinion openers can be rehearsed, so that you can focus on your delivery and body language instead of worrying about what to say.

Eventually you will improve past opinion openers and settle down with the a more natural situational approach, or even direct opening, but being good at opinion openers is still a good skill to have.

Expert billiard players don’t always bank shots, but when they are faced with a shot where banking is necessary, you can bet your bottom dollar that they know how to do it.

So even if you don’t use opinion openers, consider them your bank shot. Add them to your repertoire so you’ll be ready if you ever need them.

Working with a solid template

Here’s is my own personal favorite opinion opener:

“Hey guys, be honest, does this shirt make me look gay?”

We’ll be using this opinion opener as a template.

Here at the Paragon Project, we focus on understanding concepts rather than memorizing routines.

There’s a fine line between being a natural (who just acts on confidence alone, with no conscious thought towards what he’s doing and why it’s working), and a technician (who follows his own “script” of routines and lines that he mentally checks off like a list as the sarge goes on).

When you grasp the psychology of social dynamics, you’ll be able to improvise your routines on the spot, just by knowing the concepts.

Hopefully, this sounds like something that you want to master, being a natural technician.

The great thing about conceptual understanding is you can grasp it on your own, by analyzing the behavior of others, and breaking it down into workable systems.

This “reverse engineering” process is what we’re going to use on my own opinion opener, to create a simple formula that you can use to create your own.

This formula works, but is by no means set in stone. Remember, social dynamics are fluid and move like living organisms.

Following any logical formula can produce results, but the formula itself is not important.

Don’t become bound to it.

Just experiment with it, learn from it, and definitely make your own formulas as well.

Dissecting a formula that works

The formula is actually very simple and can easily be applied to an endless amount of opinion openers that you could create.

Structurally, it’s simply a combination of:

Opinion opener
Drawing attention to yourself
Story Telling

Once again, for reference, the opener we’re analyzing is:

“Hey guys, be honest, does this shirt make me look gay?”

I ran it on a group of girls that were standing around and talking outside a shopping center. I walked by them, then turned back to them as if in an afterthought, and delivered the opener.

Immediately all their eyes went to my shirt.

Two gave mixed, confusing responses “eehh, maybe?” and “umm. I dunno, not really?”

But one girl said, very prominently, “Yes.”

I said “Hmm damn, really? Because this guy came up to me just a few minutes ago he was like (here I just acted out a story where some guy tries to pick me up at a movie store by asking me what movies I like), and I was like, that’s cool dude.” and then out of nowhere he says “Yeah, we should watch a movie together sometime, share a bowl of popcorn and everything.”

Here the girls screeched and started laughing, and the “Yes.” girl said “what did you do?”

I said, very deadpan, “Oh, I gave him my number, of course.”

They laughed and I said, “no no, I’m just kidding. I said it was nice meeting you, and I walked away and never looked back. But really, you think this shirt makes me look gay? Damn. What kind of shirt should I wear that, you know, says “I’m straight”, because, that’s actually the kind of the vibe that I’m going for.”

This is the transition, from the opening topic into a new conversation topic.

I happened to choose the topic of “suggested attire for me to look straight”, but it’s not really important at all what the new topic is. The purpose is simply to:

1) Exit the opening topic
2) Generate contributions from the girl(s) on a new topic

I could just have easily introduced other topics such as:

“So where are you guys from?”
“Why are you standing around here?”
“What’s the capital of Oklahoma?”
“Where are my pants?”

See it doesn’t really matter what topic you bring up, because the topic matter is not important.

It’s just an excuse to get the girls to respond, so that you can play with what they say (flirt, tease, joke, etc.) to build attraction and displaying social value with your charm.

Let’s review the formula again

The Opinion Opener Formula:

Opinion opener
That draws attention to yourself
Story Telling (to ground the opener, and showcase your personality)
Transition (to enter into conversation seamlessly, and enable yourself to showcase attraction)

You can use my “gay shirt” example if you want, but as you can see this formula can apply to any opinion opener as long as you stick to the script.

Here’s some more examples. You can say:

Do I…

“Look lost? because people keep asking me if I am.”

Bullshit story example. Transition out into a new topic. Playfully tease their/her contributions to the new conversation to build attraction.

“Look sad? because girls keep hugging me.”

Bullshit story example. Transition out. Playfully tease.

Something you should remember

The “Do I,” style of Opinion Opener seems to be more effective than opinion openers that are not about yourself, such as ones about:

– Your friend and his dilemma
– A debate you’re having
– Something you saw

These are all workable as well, and you can follow the same formula of:

Opinion opener > storytelling > transition.

The notable difference is that this “old” style misses the element of drawing attention to yourself, which the “Do I…” or “Does this…” style of opinion openers achieve very easily.

The more attention you draw to yourself, the easier it will be for you to demonstrate value and build attraction.

Give it a shot, guys.

Make your own opinion opener routines and get to work.

If you want to see examples of even more advanced openers (situational, direct and more) then check out The New Breed, it’s full of them.

Until next time!

– 8

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