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How to approach a girl easy

I’ll be going over a bunch of very useful things in this article, with the focus being on how to approach a girl properly and then get her number.

Everything we will discuss here will be the basics; the stuff your foundation of game is built upon.

Walking up to a girl, having a good conversation and then walking away with her telephone number isn’t really an advanced concept.

You only need game in it’s simplest form to to that.

So let’s get down to it:

Acting quickly

To begin, I must stress the fact that confidence is the key to success with girls.

Too many times I’ve seen guys throw away their chances at getting with a girl because they waited too long.

You must be quick in your actions.

If there is any human, tangible quality that separates players from the rest of the pack, it would be spontaneity.

Being spontaneous, or “quick on the draw”, is one of the most important qualities you gentlemen can have when you approach a girl.

One of the best ways to force yourself to be spontaneous is when you’re eyeing up a potential mate, STOP.

When I say stop, I mean stop thinking for around 10 seconds.

The first 10 seconds of thinking you do before you decide to approach a girl can and will destroy all confidence you have.


The first 10 seconds of thinking in this situation is simply negative reinforcement of your strategy.

Most of your thoughts sound something like, “she won’t go out with me” or “she’s going to say no” or “I’ll never get her number.”

This is how so many guys miss out on great opportunities with women.

When I say stop, I also mean stop and analyze the situation.

Think about what you plan on saying to her, how you’re going to look when you’re about to say it, and what rebuttals you can use against her responses to your initial contact.

When you have a solid game plan, all you have to do is act it out.

This is where the stop comes into play.

Right before you go up and do it, or walk away in most cases, you have to tell yourself to just do it RIGHT NOW.

Don’t think about anything else, just tell yourself to do it and take those first 3 steps.

Once you start moving, just keep repeating to yourself; DO IT, DO IT, DO IT.

Once you get there, just smile and do it.

Now, when you approach a girl, there are a lot of things to consider in regards to your appearance to her.

Most importantly, you must smile.

Smiling genuinely

It helps to think of a fun time in your life, like a part of a movie you saw that was hilarious and still brings a smile to your face when you think about it.

That’s the kind of smile you need.

An “I’m a fun guy” smile. Not one of those creepy smiles where you’re kind of smirking at the girl like you’re going to get her number then get her in bed and you know it.

More like an innocent, non-threatening smile.

Another thing that helps a great deal is eye contact.

Making eye contact

Eye contact can be the difference between a friend and a lover.

When making eye contact during a conversation, make sure you never let go. Look her directly in the pupils and try not to focus on anything else.

If you have trouble, talk to her eyes. I know it sounds funny, but talk to her eyes, literally.

Say “hi” to her eyes, not her.

Ask her eyes for her phone number, not her.

Tell her eyes everything, don’t tell her anything.

I know it sounds goofy, but you have to imagine that you’re talking to her eyes.

You know how they say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

The fastest way to a girl’s heart is through her eyes.

Give her the proper gaze and she’ll be hooked.

If you’ve ever had a girl tell you that you have nice eyes, it wasn’t because you have nice eyes, it was because you looked at her the right way with them.

You can make a girl blush on command with proper eye contact, plus it distracts you from looking at more appealing parts of the body.

Save that for later.

Speaking like a man

Something else that helps a lot to get her number is the way you use your voice when you ask for it (and speak in general).

You need to talk from your gut.

Don’t go making up false voices trying to make your voice deep when doing this.

I simply mean, don’t talk from your throat.

The way you talk to your boys and the way you talk to the ladies should differ greatly.

Acting like a man

What I’ve found to be really good with chicks is to act like James Bond.

I’m sure a lot of you are laughing at me right now, saying “James Bond? Yeah right.”

Trust me, don’t be exactly like him – stealing his lines and such – just act like him.

Use his demeanor, his type of swagger.

What do I mean by this?

James Bond acts like girls are supposed to respond positively to him.

That’s the attitude you have to take with girls; the “I don’t ever fail, I’m the best” attitude.

You must go in and approach a girl knowing you’re going to succeed, that this chick is going to dig you and that you will get her number.

Dressing attractive

Dress is huge to girls.

They spend hours getting ready, and while they don’t expect you to do the same, they at the least expect some effort on your part.

Do you think she’ll appreciate it if she takes all this time to look great for you while you just throw something on?


I know, I know, we’re men.

We care about football, sex, food and beer.

How we dress doesn’t even come close to those things on our list of priorities.

That our #1 problem!

We must dress up to impress the girls we are trying to get.

Now, I’m not talking a suit and tie every day. That would be unnecessary.

But, at least five days out of the week, Sunday and any other day being the other 2, dress up.

Come on, it doesn’t take men 2 1/2 hours to look nice. We don’t wear makeup.

All we need to do is wear some well fitting jeans or slacks and nice, trendy shirts.

It’s not hard to dress nice, nor is it expensive.

Now I know there are girls in this world that are very materialistic, but most girls don’t pay any attention to what brands you wear.

A nice, dressy outfit for a guy can cost as low as $30.

I’ve got no shame in my game, I’ll go to Super K in a minute to pick up some nice jeans and shirts.

It’s all about presentation.

One guy can spend $250 on an outfit that doesn’t match of fit right, and another dude – who knows how to dress – wearing a $25 getup he bought at Wally World will look better.

Let the girls worry about name brands and such.

All we have to do as guys is seem like we give a shit about our looks and we’re good. If you approach a girl confidently and with bravado, she probably won’t even notice what you’re wearing until you already have her hooked.

Keeping yourself clean

Always stay clean shaven or trimmed neatly if you have facial hair.

Keep mints or minty gum (no big red, sorry) handy, perhaps even a tiny toothbrush and paste kit in the car or somewhere convenient.

Wear good quality deodorant (it really makes a difference), and never underestimate the power of mouthwash.

True as it may be, good cologne is key to attracting a girl. You have a much better chance to get her number if you smell great than if you smell bad, or like nothing at all.

If you can’t afford the latest good stuff, you can always find older versions of the top brands at stores like Marshalls for around $20.

Keep your nails clean and trimmed, and your skin smooth.

Yes, gentlemen, that means you have to use lotion if your skin isn’t naturally soft.

Keep a bottle in your car if you need to.

There’s not many things more unattractive to chicks than ashy, rough hands on them.

There you have it.

These are all very basic rules, subjects which I go into much more detail in my book. It all starts with a solid foundation, so make sure you have these simple things handled before you try to approach a girl and get her number.

You should have these simple things nailed before you move on to anything more advanced.

By Sebastian Steele
Author : Simple Seducer

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