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How to approach a beautiful woman


Approach a beautiful woman

There is no such thing as a canned line that you can use to approach a beautiful woman and achieve success consistently.

Modern girls can see right through that bullshit.

When you approach women you need to be genuine and unique, and you do this by saying something that actually has value to them instead of using a corny line that you found online or heard from a friend.

It is for this reason why you’ll find very little – if any – canned material here on this website. If you do it will most likely just be there to serve as an example to highlight a point being made.

Truthfully, we just don’t believe in that crap because it doesn’t work well.

To help you shy away from using canned material and get great results when you approach a beautiful woman, I’ve broken it down into a simple 3 step process that will never leave you at a loss without a good opener.

This is how it works:


The first step is to observe the woman that you want to approach and try to notice anything about her that you can use as a natural conversation starter.

This is a vital step because it lays down the foundation for the interaction that is about to occur. The topic of conversation that you choose to open up with can directly affect the overall outcome.

As you gain more experience, you’ll be able to do this step almost instantly, but for now take it easy and observe.

Here’s some examples of what you should be looking for:

What is she wearing?

Does it say anything on her shirt?

What she is doing?

Is she waiting for someone or something?

What she is holding?

Does she have a cell phone, book, purse or shopping bag?

This stuff may seem insignificant and uninteresting to you, yet it’s the simple and factual things that consistently serve as the best tools to craft a good opening line out of.

You don’t need to care about what her shirt says to use it as a perfect opener.


Through the process of observing you can gather quite a bit of information about any girl. The next step is to put it all to good use by learning from it and using it to approach her.

For example, pretend that you are about to approach a beautiful woman.

Picture her in your mind as I describe her:

She has curly blonde hair, great facial structure, brown eyes and a slim body. She’s wearing light blue jeans, tennis shoes, and her shirt says the name of a university. She’s looking around anxiously, holding a cell phone in one hand. Although she is dressed down, her hair, nails and makeup are all done.

From this information you can learn quite a bit about her:

You can assume that she is either currently attending college or did so recently in the past.

You can see that she enjoys dressing comfortably and is secure when it comes to her looks.

You know she is most likely waiting for someone and has called them already or is about to.

You can also tell that she is going somewhere or doing something soon, as she’s all done up.

See what happened?

Just because you took a second to actually look at a few minor details, you now know more about her than anyone else who would attempt approaching her.

Your chances of success are greatly increased because you have a few things that you can say to her when you approach that you know she will be interested in.

No guess-work or canned lines, you have plenty of REAL options for your opener.


Once you’ve done your observing and learning, you’ll know enough about the girl to start up a conversation easily.

All that’s left to do is approach her and start running your game, but what do you say first?

The basic rule goes:

Introductions first, strongest knowledge second.

Use any generic greeting of your choice, and if she responds with her name make sure to remember it.

Quick tip: Remembering a girl’s name is very important because repeating her name occasionally during your conversation is a highly effective and strategic way to build up rapport very quickly!

Next it’s time to let her know why you’re talking to her in the first place, so fire up a conversation based on the strongest knowledge that you have learned about her.

In this case it would be her college, because her wearing that shirt almost guarantees that she is connected to that university to some degree. Even if she’s wearing the shirt because her sister or a friend goes there, you’re still good.

The worst possible scenario in this case would be her saying that her boyfriend goes to that school.

Begin with something simple such as:

“You know (insert her name), I noticed your shirt on my way over here, do you go there?”

Then let the conversation materialize naturally. Cherry pick topics out of the things that she says and keep it moving forward.

If she says that she does go there, then ask her more about it. If she says that she used to, ask her when she graduated. If she says that she just started attending, congratulate her and ask about her plans.

See what I mean?

Your conversation with her should be able to flow pretty easily now because you identified something that she is obviously really into and brought it up as a topic of conversation, which is something most guys never even think of doing.

During the course of the conversation with her always remember to REALLY LISTEN to what she has to say, because as I just described that is your ticket to success.

Using this simple formula will give you the ability to properly approach a beautiful woman at any time you need to.

You don’t need to plan beforehand or have any lines prepared.

This is a natural approach, and it works. Enjoy!

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