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Can you attract girls if you are ugly?


Getting Girls If You’re Ugly Well, can you really attract girls if you are ugly? The short answer is “Yeah!”, but that doesn’t do much to help you out if you think that you’re not good looking enough to get a girlfriend, now does it? Thus, let us move on to the long answer: My favorite saying is “game is all that matters”, and nothing could be more true...

How much do girls care about looks?


So, do girls care about looks? Unless you look like a male model, there have probably been plenty of times in your life when you’ve sat back and wondered: “Seriously, how much do girls care about looks?” There’s no shame in that. I’m guilty of asking that same question myself, which is obvious since I took the time to thoroughly research the subject and figure out...

Are you too ugly to get a girlfriend?


I’m too ugly to get a girlfriend Want to know the real truth about your appearance and how it affects your dating life? Well, the first step is realizing that the mentality – the mere thought – of thinking “I’m too ugly to get a girlfriend” is actually holding you back from getting one far more than your physical appearance is. That is a state of mind that is...

How much do looks matter to girls?


Do looks matter to girls? Your game and confidence levels are the two most important factors that determine your success at dating, but how much do looks matter to girls? They matter a lot, I’m not going to lie about it. That’s the reality of things, however the good new is that they don’t matter nearly as much as some other traits. Only the most shallow of women (a very low...

How you should dress to attract girls


How to dress to attract girls The way that you choose to express and present yourself by how you dress to attract girls can be a key ingredient in terms of your success and overall potential. Have you decided that your current fashion style isn’t going to help you get the girls you deserve and needs a major or minor overhaul? Then this article was written for you. Do you already dress...

What to wear on a date with a girl


What to wear on a date With so many choices available, it’s relatively hard to know exactly what to wear on a date with a girl to look as attractive as possible. Music artists, actors and various other public figures can cloud your mind by making you believe that you should copy what they wear. In reality, most of the time they are the only people who can pull off wearing such flashy set...

How to look more attractive to girls


Look more attractive to girls You will constantly catch me quoting my signature phrase “game is all that matters”, which I know to be true. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t still try to look more attractive to girls after your game is on point. Being able to look YOUR absolute best should be an integral part of your game, because it is. If for no other reason, do...

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