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Appearance tips before you go out


Go Out Looking Great

Always iron your clothes before you go out. Better than that, iron your clothes before you go anywhere, you never know who you’ll run into.

Having wrinkles in your clothes can greatly affect how attractive women find you.

Why do you think women find gay men so attractive? They pay close attention to their appearance and always make sure that they are looking top notch in any situation, so there is no reason why you should not do the same.

Having a nice, clean appearance does NOT make you a metro-sexual, it simply shows that you care about what you look like.

Showering is obvious as well as keeping neat (hair, nails, weight), but let’s point out some gear you must have in order to exploit as much opportunity as possible:

Cologne – If it doesn’t act as an automatic opener, it’ll help in conversation when she can’t resist the urge to ask what it is.

Clean shoes – They always notice, they just never say anything.

Watch – If someone asks the time, who do you think looks better? The guy next to you fumbling for his phone or the guy casually looking at his sleek watch.

Wallet – Wtf are you doing with a money clip if your name isn’t Jay-Z?

Belt – Make it match your shoes, same reason as your shoes.

Lighter – Maybe you don’t smoke. But never pass up a shot for Isolation! Good for opening too!

Your keys! – Don’t EVER ruin your night by coming back to your place to find out you’re locked out!

Trust me, they do NOT put out on your rooftop when it’s only 40 degrees out.

– Wood

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