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4 online dating pitfalls you can avoid


4 Online Dating Pitfalls

You can scroll through hundreds of women in a matter of hours, select those that you like, send messages and then just sit back and wait until one of them “bites”.

Online dating is a perfect idea on paper. But hey, so is communism. The system has its flaws.

I’ve done the dirty work for you, and so I’m here to present the 4 biggest pitfalls in online dating that every guy will need to deal with at one time or another.

Be on the lookout for these, as they can creep up on you. However, they aren’t a big deal at all if you’re prepared:

Thirst Traps

The ratio of males to females on these dating sites is beyond out of control.

As a result, a lot of the woman that hang around for a long time on these sites are simply there to take in as much attention as they possibly can without really going anywhere with anyone.

This is probably the most common out of all online dating pitfalls you’ll encounter.

Some would say the women are overloaded with options and so they simply don’t feel the need to pick anyone.

That may be the case with some of the women on online dating sites, but don’t let a few rotten eggs make you think the rest of the carton is no good.

There are ways to screen these women.

Rapport Reset

No matter how much you talk to someone online, you’re back at ground zero once you finally meet them in person.

You have to build up value and comfort all over again, and with less material than you had before.

This issue is side stepped easily as well.

She Could be a Dude

Yeah, well these are just the risks you take.

In my experience, all of the women I’ve met have been very honest about who they are and used an up-to-date picture.

Perhaps I’m recognizing red flags in online profiles that most of you are missing?

In my article “How to find the right women online” I talk about the types of profiles I’m leery of.

She Could Have a Dude

So could anyone else you attempt to pickup offline, and this doesn’t seem to be a big problem to a lot of people here anyway.

This has happened to me. It’s not fun.

After meeting a girl in person, you should expect her to be as open with you about her life as she would be if you originally met her in person.

Remember: You have as much a right to be wary of her as she does of you.

You’re qualifying HER. This has not changed.

There we go, short and to the point. These are just some basic online dating pitfalls that you’ll most likely come across right away.

Now you’re ready for them.

– Player87

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